Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthdays and Easter

Yesterday was my birthday. 29. I love birthdays and the actual age is never a big deal. Probably because I was too young for it to even matter. I think birthdays are a day that should be super fun and "all about you". A day to indulge in things you might not on other days. Eat Sprinkles cupcakes and delight in the "fun" mail, order a more expensive wine and pretend there is not a worry on your mind. Yesterday threw me for a loop.

I've been in Heather's boat recently, and I'm not sure why. Check out her post here, I think it's perfectly stated.

I got the yearly email from my mom stating how she so vividly remembered this day 29 years ago and how her life has been wonderfully changed forever. I'm usually rolling by eyes half way through thinking I've only heard this 28 other times. Yesterday was different. It is the last year of my 20's, and I'm pregnant. Kinda big. Not to mention, life is short and one day (hopefully not soon) I will wake up on my birthday and wish my mom was here to send me that same email. A dear friend of mine lost her mom this year and it has changed my point of view.

So this Easter weekend I think it's time for me to slow down, reflect and start enjoying each day.

Here's to Easter and whatever you might do to celebrate. I will be spending mine with family and one sweet little red-head that makes each day a little brighter.

Little Henry bug with his "Uncle Kris". Kris and his wife are expecting a little boy in August. Can you imagine the hell that will be raised by these two? I think pay backs for their dads might be in the making!

*I think Darby's blog post was pretty neat today...maybe you have kiddos that would enjoy this.

Happy Easter!


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