Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Skinny Jeans and all the rest

What's the haps, peeps?
Jules is growing up right before our eyes. "They" said it would happen and they weren't joking. She has moved from tiny, 5 pound, newborn baby into quite the diva. I couldn't resist these skinny jeans, and I don't know if I've ever seen something so cute before. Whatcha think?

I love how serious she looks here like "mom, I'm so past your picture taking." But yet, she has her pacifier just an arms length away bound by a clip. Still a bebe as much as she might think differently.

I know, I know...too cute for words, right?! What's not cute is my half packed-up, ironing board up, disaster of a house in the background. Please disregard and see next paragraph for some explanation.

As far as where I've been all of your life. Well, last weekend we moved. There is so much behind the word MOVE. I really don't know what it would be like to move out of a house after 25 years. Just the short 5.5 years we lived in the old abode was enough to pull your hair our when it came to packing and moving it. The good news is, I have some super stellar before and after pictures up my sleeve. Give me just a little more time and it will all be well worth the wait. I promise.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Valentine's gift ever...purchased by me!

It used to be something like jewels or romantic dinners for two on Valentine's Day. But it's gotten steamier around here. It's all about rugs. {I make no comment to that if your mind is in the gutter.}
This Valentine's Day it's a Persian rug from Iran that smells like a billion cigarettes (really, just the packaging smelled, but the story is better this way) that does it for me. It's tall and skinny, this guy. 10'5 long and will make its little home behind my island.
Who knew a smelly rug from Ebay could light up your life?!

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend, little lovies. Hope it's as romantic as packing up a house and moving!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The deal is done

Yesterday, this man....

Bought us a new one of these...

And afterwards, he took off his tie and we celebrated with a lot of this...

The house is far from here...

About 35 minutes north, to be exact.

But, gaining a few more bathtubs and bedrooms, we decided it was worth it.
And the best part is that Julia's boyfriend seems to approve.

Even better, his momma is about 30 seconds away.

We're doing a smidge of work and will be moving-in next weekend. This lady is helping with some good stuff. I can't wait for you to see.

It entails a couple of these...


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to the Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl week 'round these parts. It happens to be in Arlington, A-town, Arling-fun...the 'burb where I spent my childhood. That's where Jerry World is located and home of the Cowboys. I admit, I'm not the biggest Cowboys fan, nor am I the biggest NFL fan. I'm more of a college ball kinda girl.
But, this is the biggest deal going during this time of the year. You'd have to live under a rock to not know the hub-bub that comes with the Super Bowl. The parties are fabulous, the commericals are outrageous and the fanfare is outlandish. It's the Oscars of sports.
Since the Super Bowl is being held here this year, it's hard to miss the excitement. There are parties and fundraisers and concerts and ESPN crews camped out all week. It's nuts! The ice and terrible weather have made it a bit of an obstacle, but it hasn't seemed to slow anyone down. I will say, I'm secretly glad I am no longer in corporate event planning. Sounds like an event planner's nightmare. Because no matter what the weather, the show must go on. Read: no sleep, tears, livin on Starbucks, back-up plans and headaches.

I assumed I would see all the fun on tv and not make it to any actual party and certainly not the game. But, The Chief called yesterday and said to get dressed we had been invited to a former player's house for a fundraiser. Whaaaa?
My first thought was, "what the hell am I going to wear?" That really didn't matter. We were going to stick out like sore thumbs among this crowd no matter what we wore. That's for sure.
So we loaded up and headed north.

I've heard about this house, but was on the edge of my seat to see it with my own two eyes. It's reported to be some 33,000 square feet. I believe it.

The party was held in the wing where the arcade, bowling alley, theater, gym, barber shop, in-door pool, massage room and basketball court are located. I threw in a mad game of ski-ball while I was there. Yep, sure did. First time with a glass of wine in hand.
They had the indoor court piped and draped and it looked more like a ballroom than a ball-court. Turns out it was a sit-down dinner. If you know me, you know I can't spot famous people to save my life. I could be sitting next to Britney Spears on an airplane, and I probably would never know. That's a long shot because I'd never be sitting next to Britney and if I was, I'd probably recognize her, but you get my point.

There is something about the rich and famous. They have a different look about them. They carry themselves differently. They're pristine. Well thought-out and perfectly prepped.
During the evening I could recognize a player, but didn't know exactly who it was. Then I spotted some serious spiced, leopard print (or maybe actual leopard, who knows!) shoes on a tall, thin black man. Sparkly white teeth. It screamed something like a wide receiver. I asked The Chief to whom the host was speaking. It was the athlete that has turned his name into a Spanish number. That is crazy. And this was crazy. I could hardly close my mouth. He was RIGHT. THERE. and beautiful! Truly, very beautiful.

Unlike any party I've ever been to before, we had to sign a waiver upon arrival indicating no pictures would be taken and essentially, crazy bloggers like me wouldn't use names or stories from the evening. Damn. If this wasn't a client of Clint's and he wouldn't be mortified if I was caught snapping some photos with my phone, I sooooo would have done it. But, not the case, so we just floated along in amazement of all this craziness. Sports casters, coaches and players in a room to donate to kids. It was pretty cool. I'm sure our donation was among the highest, as I sat in my BCBG Shoes and satin top from The Limited. But hey, it was fun to see.

And so the Super Bowl weekend continues with parties hosted by Maxim, Hugh Hefner, Snoop Dog and Bud Lite. I'll be at home with spit-up on my robe, but I got a tiny taste. A teeny, tiny taste. I think I'm coming around on the NFL.