Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big, Big Day!

What's happenin'? It's been a while; my apologies. We've been a little busy and this week was especially big. Like a lot of folks, school started this week! Monday we met the teachers and today was the big first day. Jules LOVED it and so did I!

It's really all about the fingers. When the teacher asked if we have a paci or lovie or any special "thing". Answer is "no". So long as you keep her fingers attached to her hand all is well. And yes, that's her tag still on her dress. We don't quite have the routine down yet. We'll get there.

The red-headed clan was melting. Not time or effort left for a good picture.

Always smiles for dad. Always. He's the funny one around here.

Breakfast on the big day! And yes, there is a bag in the background, cinnamon rolls and TOMS. Again, we're trying to get lunches packed and all other school necessities. Can't sweat the small stuff!

Happy Girl!

"Yeah for school!!"

All dressed up for the big day!

One last good-bye to Guinney and we were off!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Perfect Sunday Funday

I think he's a perfect girl dad. And I'm sure an equally great boy dad. But this picture says what I feel about both of them...perfect.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Hobnobber and Housewife

Can you guess which category I belong? The mister isn't a brain surgeon and doesn't live bi-coastal or take exotic business trips...nothing all that crazy. He's a suit and tie guy with a downtown office and is pretty much 8-5 with little excitement. But on occasion, a rare occasion, he gets the fir real hook-up. Most of the time it's lunching at the latest hot spot around town or getting in on some super fine wine at happy hour. This time was a smidge different.

The husband has a client that is a former NFL player. And a couple of months ago a package arrived inviting us to the NFL Hall of Fame and all of the activities surrounding it. There was a cocktail party, an after party, a pre-enshrinement dinner, a tailgate party, a round-table luncheon and the actual event. THE WORKS. We had some issues with babysitting...turns out Mimi and Pops were vacationing the same weekend. So I took the highroad and relinquished my seat to the spectacular show.
(These are a lot of the alone, portrait shots...poor Clint, he'll be so embarrassed at my story-telling of the weekend.)

Larry...aka L Mac took my spot. Super jealous. Super.

I think if I knew Snoop and Nelly were going to be playing at an after party of 200 people and Pop-eyes chicken was being served I would have come up with a Plan B for the tot. I know I am a better date to cut a rug than L Mac.
Let's just say my weekend wasn't quite as exciting.