Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Little Birthday Luck

I have a lot of friends and family celebrating birthdays this month. It's crazy...I have no other month in the year like it! Several hit the big 3-0 this year, so that's been fun to toast.

Yesterday was my friend, Christie's birthday...she's one of my thrift, junk, re-sale, trade days, antique shopping friends. We geek out over a helluva deal. There is always a string of text messages happening with pictures, comments, questions, "should I get this", "look at this deal" kind of thing going between us. I think I had her birthday luck on my side yesterday.

I scored this ginger jar lamp for $0.76. Yes, pennies, 76 of them. Best part, the lady at the cash register reminded me that this item could not be returned. I took a deep breath and hoped I was making the right decision. I also slid my credit card back into my wallet and dug out a dollar bill. Apparently I'm not well versed in their tagging system.

Then I hit up my usual hot spot and scored these babies for $60. A little mo-mo looking, but I can see a light colored linen on these in my soon to be painted deep, rich colored bedroom.

I was a little sick to my stomach after having passed up these guys. As soon as my tater tot woke up from her morning nap we scooted back. THEY. WERE. STILL. THERE. Just a tip, most things in pairs are a good find. Snag them when you see them. They were marked $21.99 each. My designer thinks a glossy white on these puppies behind my bedside tables would be key. I agree. I took them up to the register, one at a time with baby on hip. My sweet cashier (same one from yesterday) informed me they were $4.40 for the pair. I about dropped my child and fell on the floor laughing. I wanted to scream "Hell to the yeah" just like Oprah said to Ralph Lauren. Did ya'll not about die when that happened? The 72 year old fashion icon of the world and Oprah says to him, "Hell to the yeah". I ABOUT DIED. In case she forgot, he's not Jay-Z.
*Elizabeth, if you are reading...I know you wanted to scrub with the S.O.S pad ASAP.

I digress....
Needless to say, they will find a home very soon here at this casa.

A birthday shout to all of those I'm lovin in May! Happy Birthday!
May 4: Meredith
May 5: Aunt Susan
May 9: Kendra
May 10: Heather
May 11: Jennie
May 12: Aunt Lynell
May 14: Jessica
May 18: Kelsey
May 19: Mandy
May 20: Stacy
May 22: Kristin
May 24: Christie
May 30: Laura


Friday, May 20, 2011

I love you, I love you, I love you...I do.

I have a new bestie. She's starting to look a lot like me. We spend most every second of our day together and we're beginning to form a legit relationship. It's been very one-sided lately. I give, give, give and she takes, takes, takes. But now, she's beginning to open up a bit. I think she digs me. A new found trust has emerged, and I think she's finally realizing that no matter what I will fix it. I will jump in front of a train if I have to, but I will fix it and make it all okay.

I couldn't really pin-point my exact thoughts on the first six months of motherhood. I liked it and without saying, loved my child, but I was feeling a void somewhere.

There are a lot of people out there that could do the newborn phase 10 times over. I would like to give it one more go and then call it a finalized family of four plus the grey four-legger.

Today I read Hollywood Housewife. She nailed it for me. It was refreshing to hear someone else shares my same feelings. And I think there is a fog postpartum that can linger. I think my clouds are parting and the fog is clearing. The feeling of complete isolation is fading away and a different kind of relationship is blooming.

Seven months is when bliss set-in for me. Total and utter bliss. This little baby turned into a little person. She has a personality. She giggles. She scrunches her nose and breathes heavily when she wants my attention. She looks for the dog as soon as she gets out of her crib. She knows her name. She is delighted when Dad gets home from work. She has favorite toys. She loves her bathtime routine and lights up when we sing the bathtime song. She is very proud of herself when she stands herself up. She can hold her sippy cup and finds it amusing when she actually gets the water to come out. She looks for me when she can't see me. This is the part I love. This, I could do over again and again and again. She just exudes her dad and me. It pours out of her. I'm positive she is ours. And positively smitten about her. I think a chunk of wanting a child is seeing yourself and your spouse in them. It's selfish, but unavoidable.

As Laura said, this will be a season I remember.


The Loo for the Little One

Sometimes I forget that there are a few of you out there that check my blog. I have been reminded that I teased you with the promise of bathroom pictures. Finally, they are here!

This is what the little guest bath looked like when we looked at the home. Brown. Are you shocked? So was everything else in here. And as a disclaimer, I do like dark cabinetry and dark decor done in the right way. In this case, it was not. I hope I have not offended anyone in my speak to the love of white and the hate of dark. Just a personal preference for me and what I think looks best in this house given the natural light, or lack thereof.

Thank goodness they took with their faux ivy growing from the tiny treasure chest.
Out with the fringe, cheetah lamp shades and iron work and in with the light and bright.

My bathroom inspiration was provided by Jamie Meares. Jamie writes the awesome blog i suwannee and has a super hip shop, Furbish Studio. Take the similarities between the two spaces with a big, fat grain of salt. Obviously, I couldn't COPY, copy her. Just sorta, kinda copy. The budget only allowed me to do some paint and a few accessories. New tile (I dream of white subways to the ceiling), new light fixture, faucet and counter top will have to wait a while.
The sweet dental moldings in Jamie's bath likely cost more than my closing costs. So...we took this as a general and went from there.
Click here to see Jamie's bath.

Here it is! This bathroom shares a hallway with Julia's bedroom. Therefore, it is her bathroom, but also the downstairs bath where guest go when visiting. It's off the main living area, so I wanted it to reflect a young, fresh, kid's bath, but also wanted it to be acceptable and inviting to our guests.

Mrs. Meyers "honeysuckle" soap. Yummy!
Owl and dome from my favorite Dallas antique shop.
Mirror from Pier 1 circa 1999. Fresh coat of paint and ready to roll.
Cabinet got a fresh coat of white when the kitchen did and some spicy knobs from Anthropologie.
Shower curtain from Overstock and embroidery by Embroidery Me. Paint color is Glidden "Pure Turquoise" and lightened to 50%.

Glass canister from Warrenton. Seller said he got them from an old German hospital. The basement was full of them. Character, I love it. Those are the sweet feet that belong to the babes that bathes in here. I can't believe they were ever that tiny! Tray is from McKinney Trade Days, $4.

Large picture from the Singapore Museum of Art, pair of yellow bud vases from the Frisco Re-sale Shop, butterfly dish from an antique shop, small picture from my room as a child, "J" purchased for Julia by her daddy prior to her arrival from Anthropologie and greek key plate from Pottery Barn.

I hope you like it as much as our tater tot does!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lost and Found

There are several meanings to that title. One being, I lost my camera cord and now it has been found. I will leave the other acceptable definitions up to you!

Here are some shots from Easter. Albeit, late. Better late that never! And no, there are no good pictures of the cousins in their Easter frocks. There are no aunt/uncle pictures and no family pictures. Sunday morning was a little dodge. Julia's mommy and her UB (Uncle Brian) stayed up until the wee hours the night before. We are lucky the Easter Bunny showed up at all! Let's be happy we snapped a couple good ones of the little tot in her Easter dress.

We kicked off the weekend with a Good Friday fish-fry. Mimi does it right!

Then Saturday we played with our cousin, Henry, Aunt Alli and Uncle Brian. Oh, and two dogs were there to fight. Lots of entertainment!

Then Sunday we got up to see that the Easter Bunny made a stop!

After church we watched Henry hunt for eggs and tried to take in all of this action.

No family gathering is complete without a picture of Mimi and mini-me.

And finally it was time to play! Dad-style.

And since Dad doesn't typically like anyone chewing on his ties, we went for massive eggs.


Hope all is well in May. Friday's post is the bathroom reveal....get ready!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

My New Favorite Holiday

I just experienced Mother's Day for real. Last year my sweet husband let me celebrate and although there was a sweet little angel in my tummy, and we had just solidified her name on Mother's Day, I don't think that actually counts. Well, it does, but I didn't really feel the need to celebrate until after labor and delivery, middle of the night feedings, countless days without sleep and all the reward that goes along with being a new mom.

My sweet Julia is becoming quite the momma's babes. She loves me, and I adore that! Selfishly, those first few months of care-taking without the gratification was tough. Now that her darling, little, spicy self is showing through things are getting a lot more fun. She wants to be near me all the time and that makes my heart sing. Sing loudly!

Julia along with her daddy made my first official Mother's Day so much fun. Take a look!

Baby at a bar with the Mavericks sweeping the Lakers. Yes, please and thank you!

Clinton dressed the princess this morning. He laughs at her name on her bottom. "Just in case you forget my name...", he says!