Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lost and Found

There are several meanings to that title. One being, I lost my camera cord and now it has been found. I will leave the other acceptable definitions up to you!

Here are some shots from Easter. Albeit, late. Better late that never! And no, there are no good pictures of the cousins in their Easter frocks. There are no aunt/uncle pictures and no family pictures. Sunday morning was a little dodge. Julia's mommy and her UB (Uncle Brian) stayed up until the wee hours the night before. We are lucky the Easter Bunny showed up at all! Let's be happy we snapped a couple good ones of the little tot in her Easter dress.

We kicked off the weekend with a Good Friday fish-fry. Mimi does it right!

Then Saturday we played with our cousin, Henry, Aunt Alli and Uncle Brian. Oh, and two dogs were there to fight. Lots of entertainment!

Then Sunday we got up to see that the Easter Bunny made a stop!

After church we watched Henry hunt for eggs and tried to take in all of this action.

No family gathering is complete without a picture of Mimi and mini-me.

And finally it was time to play! Dad-style.

And since Dad doesn't typically like anyone chewing on his ties, we went for massive eggs.


Hope all is well in May. Friday's post is the bathroom reveal....get ready!


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