Friday, May 20, 2011

The Loo for the Little One

Sometimes I forget that there are a few of you out there that check my blog. I have been reminded that I teased you with the promise of bathroom pictures. Finally, they are here!

This is what the little guest bath looked like when we looked at the home. Brown. Are you shocked? So was everything else in here. And as a disclaimer, I do like dark cabinetry and dark decor done in the right way. In this case, it was not. I hope I have not offended anyone in my speak to the love of white and the hate of dark. Just a personal preference for me and what I think looks best in this house given the natural light, or lack thereof.

Thank goodness they took with their faux ivy growing from the tiny treasure chest.
Out with the fringe, cheetah lamp shades and iron work and in with the light and bright.

My bathroom inspiration was provided by Jamie Meares. Jamie writes the awesome blog i suwannee and has a super hip shop, Furbish Studio. Take the similarities between the two spaces with a big, fat grain of salt. Obviously, I couldn't COPY, copy her. Just sorta, kinda copy. The budget only allowed me to do some paint and a few accessories. New tile (I dream of white subways to the ceiling), new light fixture, faucet and counter top will have to wait a while.
The sweet dental moldings in Jamie's bath likely cost more than my closing costs. So...we took this as a general and went from there.
Click here to see Jamie's bath.

Here it is! This bathroom shares a hallway with Julia's bedroom. Therefore, it is her bathroom, but also the downstairs bath where guest go when visiting. It's off the main living area, so I wanted it to reflect a young, fresh, kid's bath, but also wanted it to be acceptable and inviting to our guests.

Mrs. Meyers "honeysuckle" soap. Yummy!
Owl and dome from my favorite Dallas antique shop.
Mirror from Pier 1 circa 1999. Fresh coat of paint and ready to roll.
Cabinet got a fresh coat of white when the kitchen did and some spicy knobs from Anthropologie.
Shower curtain from Overstock and embroidery by Embroidery Me. Paint color is Glidden "Pure Turquoise" and lightened to 50%.

Glass canister from Warrenton. Seller said he got them from an old German hospital. The basement was full of them. Character, I love it. Those are the sweet feet that belong to the babes that bathes in here. I can't believe they were ever that tiny! Tray is from McKinney Trade Days, $4.

Large picture from the Singapore Museum of Art, pair of yellow bud vases from the Frisco Re-sale Shop, butterfly dish from an antique shop, small picture from my room as a child, "J" purchased for Julia by her daddy prior to her arrival from Anthropologie and greek key plate from Pottery Barn.

I hope you like it as much as our tater tot does!


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