Thursday, June 23, 2011


I looked down yesterday and realized I typically do the same things at the same times each and every day. I suppose that's more likely than the norm when dealing with a very scheduled nine month old.

I wasn't a psycho about a lot when Julia was a baby, but getting a schedule was one thing I was very particular about creating. Those first few weeks threw me for a loop. From one day to the next I had no plan. No clue. No ability to forecast. Not to mention, anxiety out the roof. Fear she would die of SIDS. Fear she would choke to death. But back to the schedule, or lack thereof, sometimes I'd wash bottles at 2 am and sometimes at 2 pm. FINALLY, we got that nailed down and now for the most part I can tell you what happens every second of the day. For my personality, that works. Very. Well.

We do a lot of highchair time these days. It takes a while for a little one to explore, eat, drop and get silly while eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's such a precious time of the day for me. We chat. We dream. Sometimes we call dad. Sometimes we look for Guinney.

Being routined, we do meal times in the same spot three times a day. I have a drink holding station next to the highchair. The morning starts like this...and progresses through dinner as follows.

The Today Show is playing in the background.
Most of the time it's quiet during lunch.
We get spicy with some happy hour tunes for dinner.

My mom came last night to babysit so the mister and I could enjoy a dinner sans bebe. She also volunteered to cook up some dinners to freeze and be the wonderful Mimi she is. On her way over I began to think about my earliest memories of schedules and routines.
I have the best memories of my mom cooking dinners, the smell of onions sauteing, music playing and my parents discussing their days over an evening cocktail. I have an overall fuzzy feeling about my home life. Then like a brick in my face, I realized that's exactly what I'm doing with Julia. One day she'll know my music like I know Neil Diamond, James Taylor and Carly Simon. She will (hopefully) have warm and fuzzies about dad coming home from work, me cooking dinner and playing in the living room. And isn't it our job as her parents to see that she is exposed to life, love and happiness? As cliche as that sounds.

Do you recall the mundane of life as a child? Do you do things the way your parents did? Are you instilling those things in your kiddos?


Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Spock No More!

"Another day....another doll-ar". Do ya'll sing that in your head every morning? I do and especially on Monday.

We were busy around here this weekend. We celebrated this guy....
It was his first Father's Day!

We picked-up these beauties....
If you're detailed you might notice my curtains got pulled down while the built-in was being finished. And if you're really, really detailed you can catch a sweet glimpse of me in the mirror reflection wearing a "I heart NY" shirt. It's sweet. Keep your eye on the prize...that's the safest spot.

And we're getting ready to rid of Baby Spock tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning my sweet pumpkin goes in for plastic surgery. I can hardly think about it. I have friends and family that have had much, much more invasive, scary, lengthy procedures performed on their children, and I'm now really seeing how strong they really are. This is a small ear situation that will be easily corrected, but I'm scared silly. It's the anesthesia that makes me shiver. And the fact that it's not a necessary surgery, but a vanity/elective situation. I'm not trying to make this a bigger deal than necessary, but if you say some prayers tonight we'd love to be added to your list. For our sanity for the hour it will take and for the most precious gem in our lives...that she does great!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Etsy. Are you with me?

Are you addicted to Etsy? If you're not maybe you should steer clear. I have a problem.
At first, I thought it was mostly bumbo covers, bows, dresses, crafty stuff...things of the sort. Wrong. There is a whole world out there. Endless.

I've been looking for some photographs for a couple of spaces in my house. I came across This photographer. I'm working on ordering these. Thinking they'll be perfect in the bebe's new bathroom. Yes, we just completed her downstairs bath and then moved her up and so square one we go!

They are pictures taken in Burano, Italy, which is a very small town outside of Venice. Clinton and I spent a day there and outside of the quintessential "best days of your life", this was certainly one. Therefore, I must have these. I love art in a home that has a meaning or a story. I think these nail it.

Then there is Venice itself. There is some dispute out there on Venice. I. LOVED. IT. What is not amazing about an entire city on water without motorized vehicles? One Euro to-go wine certainly helps in the fun.

Go on. Get out there and shop!


Monday, June 13, 2011

I got nothin!

Friends, readers, hopefuls of something good...I got nada.
It's the dog days of summer, and I'm chasin a three-quarter of a year old. That's about all I got.

Yes, today during our nap we were team pink. We didn't go in public as such (the pinks are very un-matching, if you can't tell), but this mommy was too lazy to change afterwards. No clue where the hair brush is. And my kitchen floor is beyond dirty, I know. Thank you Auntie Heather for this onesie. I thought once this peapod was this big it would be inappropriate to wear a onesie. I was sadly very, very wrong. My child will eat everything in sight. If it's not snapped under her unspeakables then it's in her mouth. So, big onesie and we are.

Jules's 1st birthday outfit came in. I. want. to. die. it's so presh. Yes, I do realize her birthday is still 3 months away. In my past life (yes, past...way past) I was an event planner. That sets you up for total and utter failure. There is no choice but to begin planning events WAY in advance. Prolly because I used to get 4 billion people meetings with 2.5 days notice. Now that I know the exact date to these special occasions best believe I'm going to be well planned.
I've been plotting this blessed occasion since she was in my belly. Really. No lie. It's going to be legit. I hope you get invited.

I cruised to a shop this weekend where I scored a pair of lamps for $10. That was sweet. As I was walking in the girl that owned the shop told me I looked familiar. I went along with and was about to play the "where did you go to college" game. I didn't get that far when the girl said I reminded her of a girl named Lindsey Maynard. Well, no sh*t, that's my maiden name all day long. Creepy or what? I say creepy. Never seen this girl in my life and she said this said Lindsey Maynard either does or did work for Neiman's downtown. Fo sho that's not me. Weird. Capital W.

Aside from that, I'm trying to come up with some good project stuff on the house. No, no, I have a laundry list of GREAT projects. I just need a serious helper to come and execute. I keep you posted. Best believe.

Oh, oh, oh, and GO MAVS!!!!!!!!! I was a nice wifey and sat at home while the husband went out. Don't feel sorry. I will catch him on a night that I really care about. Glad the Mavs won, but I'm certain there are going to be more important nights for me.
Ang, hope your daddy flew them home! That's fer real.