Thursday, June 16, 2011

Etsy. Are you with me?

Are you addicted to Etsy? If you're not maybe you should steer clear. I have a problem.
At first, I thought it was mostly bumbo covers, bows, dresses, crafty stuff...things of the sort. Wrong. There is a whole world out there. Endless.

I've been looking for some photographs for a couple of spaces in my house. I came across This photographer. I'm working on ordering these. Thinking they'll be perfect in the bebe's new bathroom. Yes, we just completed her downstairs bath and then moved her up and so square one we go!

They are pictures taken in Burano, Italy, which is a very small town outside of Venice. Clinton and I spent a day there and outside of the quintessential "best days of your life", this was certainly one. Therefore, I must have these. I love art in a home that has a meaning or a story. I think these nail it.

Then there is Venice itself. There is some dispute out there on Venice. I. LOVED. IT. What is not amazing about an entire city on water without motorized vehicles? One Euro to-go wine certainly helps in the fun.

Go on. Get out there and shop!



  1. Just ordered a print done by an Australian photographer of a beach scene taken in the Cinque Terre, where we spent part of our Italian getaway in '05. Hope it's there when I get home - can't wait to see it!
    Thanks, Etsy!

  2. Nicely done! I wish my own pictures would turn out as good...but they just don't. So, thank you Etsy and all it's vendors.