Friday, October 29, 2010

What's the Haps Friday!

Man, lots going on around the world. We could discuss the UPS bomb threats, Miley Cyrus's folks heading for Splitsville or even Mariah Carey being pregnant. But the dilley is this is Halloween Weekend! I know fall started long ago, but deep in the heart of Texas this is the first weekend it actually feels a little crisp. You never know if you'll bundle up in some wool costume and sweat your keyster off or have to put your parka on over the tinkerbell get-up. Welcome to Texas, I tell ya.

Speaking for myself, I really don't care all that much for Halloween. Getting dressed up in costume just never really hit my hot spot. At a previous job I think it was mandatory to dress-up. First, I'm not a big fan of anything that's mandatory and second, grown-ass adults shouldn't typically be in costume or at least not against their will. Agree or no? Goes along the lines of that restaurant "The Magic Time Machine". When Superman waited on me and The Chief years ago {we didn't know any better that no one ever needs to go to The Magic Time Machine} and his yo-yo below was at table height in blue spandex...needless to say, we lost our appetite and rolled out. I think I left a whole drink sitting on the table. Very unlike me, that's how appalled I was.

I digress, so at this said job where it was mandatory to show up in costume, I did dress up as Addison Shephard from Grey's Anatomy. {We also need to discuss how AWFUL Grey's Anatomy has become. My gosh, it's like a train wreck, but I can't stop watching.} A group of friends was the whole cast...and I will say, it was cute. Not that I was rockin Addison Shephard, MD even remotely, but it got some chuckles. Okay, okay, so not rockin Addison Shephard AT ALL, but it was easy to pretend.

Starting from back row: Moi as Addison Shephard, Elizabeth as Meredith Grey, Kristin as Callie Torres, Jessica as Izzie Stephens and Heather as George O'Malley. I'm sure that was all very self explanatory and you didn't need any help, right?!
We made name badges and all. We thought we were cool. And we were.

Halloween was fun back in the day when you pulled the pillowcase off the bed and Trick-or-Treated for hours. Is that over? Is it too dangerous to Trick-or-Treat? I have such nostalgic memories of Halloween as a kiddo. We'd race home from school and eat dinner super early so we could roll out. Our dads went with and drank beer the whole way...stopping at each other houses for a fresher. Will The Chief do that with the princess? I hope so. It was so much fun.

I have four nephews. Three of which are related. They are going as two cowboys and a little pony. Little pony is a pint-sized version of the big brothers. It's pretty darn cute. The other nephew is going as Baby Elvis. I'm about on the edge of my seat to see this. Should be a regular riot. The Jules baby is going as a sweet little flower. Well, to the neighborhood party that is. We're not getting all crazy this year. I'm certain I'll have plenty of time for the whole shebang.

So what are you up to this weekend? Hitting a Ranger Game? Watching the Cowboys embarrass themselves some more? Fall Festival? Whatever it is, I hope it's fun and you find yourself in bed with a stomachache sized amount of candy. See ya on the flipside.

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Routine

Well hello, SYAFBH readers!

Part of the new format for the blog is to designate days for particular topics. This way, you don't have to pop over assuming you'll see and hear all about my child everyday!

I think it's going to go a little something like this:
Momma Lu Mondays. You can expect to hear about the weekend, my child and my happenings. One day, that's it.

Tuesday's Tip. On Tuesdays you can expect to find a helpful tip. Anything from a sale to a new-found recipe. Something I think you might find helpful. We can all use a few new tips, right?

What's the Haps Fridays. This will keep us updated on current events. I recall such an activity from class many moons ago and I remember craving it. The Chief keeps up with all things Hollywood, so it could be something along the lines of Lindsay Lohan or more intellectual like the mid-term elections.

Somewhere in there I'd like to add a little inspirational day. Not that I'm the source of anything inspirational, but with this new life as a mom, I find myself seeking more inspirational stories, quotes, verses, articles and homilies at Mass. I'd like to make it my mission to ensure I seek out at least one inspirational thing a week and share it with you. We'll play with this new gig, but I would LOVE your feedback.

Since it's Tuesday I wanted to share with you a little tip from Central Market. This week their Family Size Meals are on sale for $9.99. The options include Beef Bourguignon, Cowboy Casserole, Chicken Carbonara, Chicken Florentine and more.

So many generous friends and family have brought meals over since we've been home from the hospital. I think we've all done this at some time or another and they can get expensive! I'd love to say I have slaved away, but the truth is I end up taking over a lasagna or running through Short Stop, Celebration or something of the sort. Hopefully those of you that have to take a meal to family or friends after just having a baby will find this helpful. And I know there are several of you signed up on Care Calendars as we speak!

Happy Shopping!


Friday, October 22, 2010

There's Only ONE...

For those of you Oklahoma fans, you know EXACTLY what that means. There's only ONE...OKLAHOMA. Damn straight.

That powerful little statement has taken on many meanings lately. The Chief likes to say, "There's only ONE...Baby Jules". Indeed.

Well, let me tell ya...there's only ONE...MOM that can achieve this after a LONG, sleepless night. I'm raisin my wine glass tonight to all the moms and soon-to-be moms I know. I'm learning a greater and greater appreciation for my mom everyday.

On another note, life's "changed man". And I need some order, damnit. I'm going to try an actual routine to the blog next week. Nothing too exciting...but hopefully something that will keep ya entertained.

For now, Go Rangers and Go Sooners. Big weekend.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Mommas!

My super hip, fab and chic cousin, Alison, is guest blogging today over at Odi et Amo. Check it out!

I think most of you follow Alison's blog, but if not might I suggest you do. It's awesome. Alison is a south Texas born and raised girl who has walked many steps. She's well educated, well traveled and well versed in lots of things, but is specifically savvy when it comes to interiors and home decor. I had a crush on her bedroom when we were little. I now have a grown-up crush on her house in Brazil. And yes, you read that correctly...she lives in Brazil. How cool is that?

Alison has many roles, but I would guess that the one that ranks right up there is mom. She has two precious girls: Avery and Isla. I would say she knows a thing or two about mommyhood.

She's guest blogging about advice for new moms. After reading her post it sparked some thoughts on my must have list for moms. I am still super new at this gig, but after 5 weeks I do have a couple of things that I have fallen in love with.

The Boppy Pillow is key. It floats from room to room with me and I use it all day.

The Momma Roo Swing. This thing is awesome. It's the 21st century swing that has several modes, sounds and features. It's very compact and doesn't take up a lot of room, which is what I LOVE.

The video monitor. We have the Safety 1st version. While the pea pod isn't sleeping in her room, I do put her down for naps in there and this little wonder is awesome. Among many features, it displays the temperature of the room on the screen. Seems excessive, but our old house is all over the map with temperature, so it's a piece of mind to know what it feels like in the baby's room.
The Miracle Blanket. Their motto is "The Gift of Sleep". Need I say more?

I'm certain this list will grow, but for now these are my momma must haves!

What's on your must have list?


Friday, October 15, 2010

TGIF...a new way

Hey Peeps-
Happy Friday! Some of you may have noticed, I wrote an entry earlier this week and then deleted it early the next morning. It was meant to be a momma rant that was funny and after sleeping on it, I wasn't sure if anyone would find the humor. It sounded more like I was going off the deep-end. Which, is partly true!

As an update, the babes is growing. She's eating and she's sorta sleeping. Days and nights are in reverse. We're getting this corrected, but it's taking some serious patience and diligence. Many sleepless nights and this mom doesn't do well without sleep. Not sure who does. I come from a family of sleepers, drinkers and eaters. All three of these things have been largely compromised lately. We're all off schedule.

We picked up a little treasure called a Miracle Blanket. You heard of it? You have an infant that's not sleeping? Get this. Get this quickly. It will save your life. Best $25 I've ever spent. It's the most perfect swaddle blanket meant for an idiot like me that can't swaddle. It's fool proof and it keeps the bug nice and tight. She loves it and has slept better since we got it.

Speaking of sleeping. So many people have told me to "sleep when she sleeps." Who can do that? By the time I get finished with the whole feeding, burping, changing routine, keeping her up so we can get the days and nights straigh and then finally get her settled and then asleep I feel so good, proud and super pumped the last thing I want to do is sleep. I want to stand on my porch and yell and cheer that I have been victorious. Then I want to come in, open a bottle of chardonnay and sit on my couch and watch my besties: Hoda and Kathie Lee. Don't worry, I don't day drink alone. I usually have every intent to make phone calls, write thank you notes, do laundry and dishes but I end up staring at the tv, and before I know it the routine starts all over again.

Anyhow, only point to this post was to tell you all Happy Friday! Fridays around here used to be all about happy hour and going out to dinner. Man, have things changed. It's 5:22 pm and I just showered and made my bed. And that's not because I was hungover and late for work this morning. Well, actually, it kind of was...but in a whole new way! I'm in a robe, yoga pants and hair in a pony. Lookin hot. The Chief is in Arlington watching the Rangers attempt a win over the Yankees. I'm not bitter at all. Yes, I am, but someone has to look out for the sweet pea. And you know, even though the Fridays are different, I haven't had a full face of make-up on in weeks, I have no idea what the world looks like outside of my house, I need a pedicure so badly it's terribly sad and I'm's all so worth it. No, I don't love every single second of this, but to be Julia's mom is something special. I'm the only one that fits the bill. She's going to be a total pistol, I can already tell. I love it. We're picking up so many of her mannerisms and little spot lights on her personality. I love her so much already and wouldn't have this "hard as hell" part any other way.

I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous weather and have a wonderful weekend. I'm hopeful with each week that goes by that life will fall into some sort of a routine, and I can get back to blogging. Soon. Very soon.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let 'em eat cake

We've been busy around here. Not sleeping. Eating. Not sleeping. Eating.
We also had a cousin turn a year old this week! His birthday party was today. Somehow I didn't manage a single picture of our gifts to him. Jules got him these Sauconys...or very similar. They are very mini-me-esq of his dad, and I thought absolutely appropriate for a darling little red-head.

The Chief and I (or really just me) got the little man a photo book. It had his momma crying from the very beginning. It was a compilation of all the pictures I took of him while being his nanny for 7 months. According to my mommy standards, it was pretty right-on. I think his momma thought so too.

Big cake!

Little man's cake!

Jules is an evil, sweet baby all decked in her skull and cross bones!

I don't have a single picture of me and the babes, so today was a mini photo shoot of sorts. I'm tired of all the mini-mes being with her dad. I'm apart of this clan too!

Have you seen a little guy so cute? Nah, I know, I haven't either! I think it's the hair. He needs to be the hair model for baby shampoo or somethin.

I think the Hankers Spankers was shocked mom and dad weren't trying to stop this behavior. These certainly weren't organic puffs and the man was confused!

He LOVES his momma!

I have been known to call a little tyke "Angel Cakers" idea where this came from. I think the name today is quite fitting.


Uncle Matt, Mimi and Mason celebrating the birthday boy!

Wendy and Liam having a good time at the party. This little man looks JUST like his dad! He's also Henry's bestie. Remember this post?

I think the bow counter balances the skull and cross bones. No?

Mr. Mason all warmed up and ready to party!

Henry. Love you Bug.

Baby sleep zone. Mommas havin beers, babies havin nappies.

Happy 1st Birthday Henry Thomas...I love you so very much!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cupcakes, Game Day and a Tutu to boot!

For the past five years we've hosted a big, fun, out-of-control party to celebrate the OU versus texas game. It's become quite a tradition around our house and as far as we know, friends and family really enjoy it. The Chief thought we could continue this year, but I quickly reminded him that having a newborn in the weeks prior was going to make the party near impossible. I finally got him to agree, and I think this morning running on Starbucks and little sleep he finally understood what I had been trying to tell him in the months prior. All of this to say, we postponed for a year (but keep it on your calendar, we'll be back in action next year!) and had a different kind of OU/texas.

We certainly missed all the usual suspects today...but a low-key day at home with the babes was certainly a new kind of fun.

I think the Princess might be our little good luck charm. We slid in with a W on the scoreboard today. BOOMER!