Saturday, October 9, 2010

Let 'em eat cake

We've been busy around here. Not sleeping. Eating. Not sleeping. Eating.
We also had a cousin turn a year old this week! His birthday party was today. Somehow I didn't manage a single picture of our gifts to him. Jules got him these Sauconys...or very similar. They are very mini-me-esq of his dad, and I thought absolutely appropriate for a darling little red-head.

The Chief and I (or really just me) got the little man a photo book. It had his momma crying from the very beginning. It was a compilation of all the pictures I took of him while being his nanny for 7 months. According to my mommy standards, it was pretty right-on. I think his momma thought so too.

Big cake!

Little man's cake!

Jules is an evil, sweet baby all decked in her skull and cross bones!

I don't have a single picture of me and the babes, so today was a mini photo shoot of sorts. I'm tired of all the mini-mes being with her dad. I'm apart of this clan too!

Have you seen a little guy so cute? Nah, I know, I haven't either! I think it's the hair. He needs to be the hair model for baby shampoo or somethin.

I think the Hankers Spankers was shocked mom and dad weren't trying to stop this behavior. These certainly weren't organic puffs and the man was confused!

He LOVES his momma!

I have been known to call a little tyke "Angel Cakers" idea where this came from. I think the name today is quite fitting.


Uncle Matt, Mimi and Mason celebrating the birthday boy!

Wendy and Liam having a good time at the party. This little man looks JUST like his dad! He's also Henry's bestie. Remember this post?

I think the bow counter balances the skull and cross bones. No?

Mr. Mason all warmed up and ready to party!

Henry. Love you Bug.

Baby sleep zone. Mommas havin beers, babies havin nappies.

Happy 1st Birthday Henry Thomas...I love you so very much!


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  1. Looks like he did a fine job with his big "1" cake - he's such a cutie, and Jules is changing every day! Lots of sweetness, there!