Friday, October 15, 2010

TGIF...a new way

Hey Peeps-
Happy Friday! Some of you may have noticed, I wrote an entry earlier this week and then deleted it early the next morning. It was meant to be a momma rant that was funny and after sleeping on it, I wasn't sure if anyone would find the humor. It sounded more like I was going off the deep-end. Which, is partly true!

As an update, the babes is growing. She's eating and she's sorta sleeping. Days and nights are in reverse. We're getting this corrected, but it's taking some serious patience and diligence. Many sleepless nights and this mom doesn't do well without sleep. Not sure who does. I come from a family of sleepers, drinkers and eaters. All three of these things have been largely compromised lately. We're all off schedule.

We picked up a little treasure called a Miracle Blanket. You heard of it? You have an infant that's not sleeping? Get this. Get this quickly. It will save your life. Best $25 I've ever spent. It's the most perfect swaddle blanket meant for an idiot like me that can't swaddle. It's fool proof and it keeps the bug nice and tight. She loves it and has slept better since we got it.

Speaking of sleeping. So many people have told me to "sleep when she sleeps." Who can do that? By the time I get finished with the whole feeding, burping, changing routine, keeping her up so we can get the days and nights straigh and then finally get her settled and then asleep I feel so good, proud and super pumped the last thing I want to do is sleep. I want to stand on my porch and yell and cheer that I have been victorious. Then I want to come in, open a bottle of chardonnay and sit on my couch and watch my besties: Hoda and Kathie Lee. Don't worry, I don't day drink alone. I usually have every intent to make phone calls, write thank you notes, do laundry and dishes but I end up staring at the tv, and before I know it the routine starts all over again.

Anyhow, only point to this post was to tell you all Happy Friday! Fridays around here used to be all about happy hour and going out to dinner. Man, have things changed. It's 5:22 pm and I just showered and made my bed. And that's not because I was hungover and late for work this morning. Well, actually, it kind of was...but in a whole new way! I'm in a robe, yoga pants and hair in a pony. Lookin hot. The Chief is in Arlington watching the Rangers attempt a win over the Yankees. I'm not bitter at all. Yes, I am, but someone has to look out for the sweet pea. And you know, even though the Fridays are different, I haven't had a full face of make-up on in weeks, I have no idea what the world looks like outside of my house, I need a pedicure so badly it's terribly sad and I'm's all so worth it. No, I don't love every single second of this, but to be Julia's mom is something special. I'm the only one that fits the bill. She's going to be a total pistol, I can already tell. I love it. We're picking up so many of her mannerisms and little spot lights on her personality. I love her so much already and wouldn't have this "hard as hell" part any other way.

I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous weather and have a wonderful weekend. I'm hopeful with each week that goes by that life will fall into some sort of a routine, and I can get back to blogging. Soon. Very soon.


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  1. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm sure you've heard this but the first 6-8 weeks are the most challenging and then it starts to get easier. Hang in there Momma! I know you're doing an amazing job and Julia will love you so much for it!