Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cupcakes, Game Day and a Tutu to boot!

For the past five years we've hosted a big, fun, out-of-control party to celebrate the OU versus texas game. It's become quite a tradition around our house and as far as we know, friends and family really enjoy it. The Chief thought we could continue this year, but I quickly reminded him that having a newborn in the weeks prior was going to make the party near impossible. I finally got him to agree, and I think this morning running on Starbucks and little sleep he finally understood what I had been trying to tell him in the months prior. All of this to say, we postponed for a year (but keep it on your calendar, we'll be back in action next year!) and had a different kind of OU/texas.

We certainly missed all the usual suspects today...but a low-key day at home with the babes was certainly a new kind of fun.

I think the Princess might be our little good luck charm. We slid in with a W on the scoreboard today. BOOMER!


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