Thursday, September 23, 2010

She's Here!!

Please meet Julia Grace...the most precious bundle of joy I have ever laid my eyes upon. Julia was born on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 9:59 pm. She weighed a tiny 5 pounds and 14 ounces and measured 18 3/4 inches in length. I had the most wonderful labor and delivery day and could not have asked for a better experience. Without my nurse, Emily and fabulous doctor, Dr. Speight, the day would not have been so perfect. For both of them, I am so grateful.

For those of you wonder women out there that did this sans epidural, I hand it to you. There is absolutely no way. I chickened out around noon (before I was really in labor) and spent the next 10 hours watching football, enjoying the last moments with The Chief before the baby was born and taking in every second of the day...all absolutely pain free.

I don't think there are words to describe what the moment is like when your child is born. It's absolutely breath taking and the most beautiful miracle one could imagine. I had no idea my heart could love like it does for this precious angel. The Chief and I were absolutely overwhelmed.

For those of you that have heard bits and pieces about the moments after delivery, just know all is well. It was a scary situation, but thankfully I was at a great hospital under great care and I was fixed up in no time. I lost a significant amount of blood, which only caused me to feel weak in the days following. I am back to normal now and there is no anticipation that this will cause any issue for future pregnancies. I think I gave my husband, mom and brother quite a scare, but as Dr. Speight says, "red-heads are all about the drama!"

Here is the week in pictures.

On the way to the hospital!

Just before we got the show on the road!

Dr. Speight

First glimpse

Brand new baby!

That bow...

Wonderful friends that endured a LONG day of waiting. Thank you Aunt Mere, Aunt Jessica, Aunt Kristin, Aunt Heather and Aunt Jana...I was so thankful to have you all there.

Mimi finally gets her hands on that sweet baby!

Uncle Brian is smitten!

Proud Dad!

We stayed at the hospital until they literally kicked us out. On our way home around 9:00 pm.

So tiny in that big car seat!


It's all over from here...

My little family

Trying to get some sun to keep the jaundice at bay


Dad goes back to work. Sad day for us!

Happy, sleepy baby!


Trying to catch the Harvest Moon. Not sure she was so impressed.

Our first walk. Greasy hair and all.

As far as her hair is concerned...I see some red in the light, but I think for the most part she is a mini-me of her dad. She changes daily, so we'll see what happens.

For those of you I owe phone calls and emails, I promise I'm getting there. The days seem to fly by and before I know it we're onto the next.

Thank you all for the well wishes, support and prayers. What a wonderful week it's been!



  1. Omgosh! I just want to cuddle her right. NOW! You look uh-mazeballs, too, Linds - way to go, new mommy!
    Thinkin' 'bout ya - let's talk soon!

  2. Linds - she is SO precious! And i'm sorry, did you just have a baby? Cuz you look incrediable! Been thinking about you and little Jules...lots of hugs and kisses to you both!

  3. She is so beautiful Linds!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to meet little Jules! I agree with look great!!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to meet her and hold her and kiss her!!! So wish I lived closer...I'd be over there all the time loving on Miss Julia. You look beautiful as always, Lindsey. Enjoy every moment and take good care of Haidyn's bff! :) Sending lots of love your way...