Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

Guess what that means?? It's my bebe's birth month! She made it to sapphire, good girl!

In the midst of August I thought we'd never see September 1. We're finally on the downhill slide of these 40 weeks. And I put this in writing, ask me if I miss pregnancy in a couple of weeks. As of today, I'm saying no. If I have to eat my words, so be it. I never fell completely in love with this. I kept waiting for that day I woke up and just skipped around the house singing "Zip-a-dee-do-dah" about how this was the most fun I'd ever had. Never happened. Now I'm just dying to see the little precious face that I can only dream about. Oh and I'm ready to burn every resemblance of maternity clothes in my closet. I think God grants you just enough time to prepare, get things ready, try and enjoy it and then get so sick of it that you are willing to undergo whatever it takes to move to the next chapter. That's where I am today. Ready for the next phase.

We had ANOTHER high heartbeat yesterday. They did some monitoring, more monitoring over at the sonogram office and then a VERY thorough sonogram. The doctor said her heart looks beautiful (I had no doubt that it didn't) and that as far as he could tell she looked perfect! He did mention something about her being active, which he said was good news for her and probably not so good news for her dad and me after her arrival. I had assumed as much. The apple typically doesn't fall far from the tree.

The bets are still high on who she will look like and what color hair she will have. And yes, I'm positive she'll have a FULL head of hair. There is absolutely no shortage of hair in this house. My guess is she'll look like me and behave like her dad. I guess that means this crazy house in which I live will only continue to get crazier. I'll take it.

We had planned to take a little trip this weekend with some dear friends to celebrate a big birthday. Sadly, we won't be able to make it. Doctor's orders, which is probably best. I can just see myself going into labor in the middle of nowhere and The Chief bourbon logged. Probably wouldn't turn out well.
I think we'll soak up the last full weekend at home before we welcome a little one into the family. I will probably be cramming for the biggest exam of my life. Naturally, I have left all my reading for the absolute last minute. Top topics: how to breastfeed, how to schedule, how to parent and how to have the happiest child and marriage on the block. Should be no problem! Any speed readers that want to read aloud to me?

Happy holiday weekend! Bring on the fall and let football season begin!



  1. We will SO miss you guys this weekend but I'm pretty sure you'd rather NOT give birth to your child on the floor of some random ranch house! Take it easy and rest up! Can't WAIT to see this little one- I totally agree with your predictions- I picture her having red hair for sure!! xoxo, jen

  2. Sweet baby Jules... Time to stay close to home and enjoy the days with your hubby. Two weeks from now... She will be here. :) xoxo

  3. Yeah, Jen, I kinda thought that same thing. First, I don't think they store a supply of epidurals there and second, I'm sure the homeowner wouldn't appreciate such! We'll stick around here and hope she stays put until the 12th!

  4. Linds!
    Can't wait to see some pictures of your little princess! I'm so glad things went well!! I was way behind on my blog reading and just saw the post on the heart beat.... so glad it all turned out perfectly! but i'm sure you we're terrified! love you lots, mama!