Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hands down...

...this is the very best way to spend a $1.10. Potbelly's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Sorry there is no picture of the actual cookie. That's because it was gone before I left the parking lot. The diet is going to be a good time after this baby arrives.

In other news around Dallas...get on over to Central Market or Whole Foods to pick-up your green chiles if you haven't already. CM has a sushi roll including a massive piece of green chile. It's to. die. for. Aside from sushi they have a whole ton of other green chile goodness.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing smells better than roasting green chiles. Yummy goodness!

Chuy's is also starting their green chile fest. We checked it out last night. Good stuff. They're hotter than last year, that's for sure! But TASTY.

Have a great weekend, readers!


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