Thursday, August 19, 2010

COUNTDOWN has begun.

Well it is. August 19. That's exactly ONE MONTH from pea pod's anticipated due date. Can you believe it? I can't. I feel huge and naturally, in Texas it's a scorching 100 degree day...but truth be told, I don't feel all that badly. I keep waiting for the really bad part to hit, but so far, so good. I pushed it too hard a week or so ago and was reminded that when they speak of the pregnant, the elderly and those with upper respiratory problems that I fall squarely into that category. Okay, fine. I'll do my running around earlier and later and not at 3 pm.

The dreaded "check down there" starts on Tuesday. That whole things still kinda freaks me out. I can't imagine that it's normal to walk around with "progress", but they say a lot of women do. This whole process has been a gigantic learning experience, so I suspect nothing different in the next four weeks.

I hope you'll all be excited to know that the nursery is one tiny step away from being finished. As soon as the final, final touch is there I will post some pictures for you to see! There is nothing flashy about it, it's all very simple, very sweet and very me. I love it and it brings about a sense of peace that I had hoped for. Guinness loves to sit on the glider with me and dream about what Jules will look like. He's certainly in for a world of change, but he will always be my first little snuggle bug, and I hope we can keep lovin him too.

All of this to say, the princess scored a precious little Christmas outfit today. She certainly didn't need A THING, but everyone has to dress up for Jesus's birthday and especially when it's your first rodeo. So I'm thinking white tights and a white cardigan and maybe some flashy, red, patent leather shoes. We'll see.

I wish you all dreams of snow, sugarplums and Santa.


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