Sunday, June 27, 2010

Futbol, no?

(David Beckham...need I say more?)

What are your thoughts on soccer? It seems to be a popular sport among the younger kiddos in this country, but other than David Beckham, I couldn't have told you one grown man's name that played the sport before the World Cup. And even now I only know Clint Dempsey's name and that's because I saw his "pull your heart strings" story on ESPN. His sister died at a young age and he's from Texas.

(Clint Dempsey)

Oh, and I know Landon. Not sure of his last name though. He made our goal for the win against the last team. Couldn't even tell you what country we played before Ghana. Yep, bandwagon soccer, that's me.

(Landon Donovan)

Soccer just doesn't seem to hold a candle to football, basketball or baseball in this country. Why is that? How is it that kids and parents can spend entire weekends at a windy soccer field and then it fades away?

In other countries I've visited kids are playing soccer in the streets. I'm guessing you couldn't find an American Football if you needed to. Clint and I were lost in a small village in the heart of Tuscany. We came upon a group of kids playing soccer in the street. They didn't speak English, and I'm almost certain none of them had ever seen a red-head by the looks I was receiving. They knew one thing for sure, they played soccer. They loved it.

(Clint super lost in Tuscany)

Clint and I have two nephews that play soccer in Amarillo. They are both superstars and are very talented with a soccer ball. They're just 6 and 8 years old and they've spent a good portion of their life on a soccer field. They play multiple games in one day. They play tournaments in different cities. It's serious business. Did I mention they're 6 and 8? Will they play in high school? Will they play in college? Will they play in the Olympics or World Cup?

They have really great soccer parents too. They're uber supportive and foster their athletic talents. I'm afraid the princess will want to play soccer, and I'm going to be in trouble. The thought of entire weekends on a soccer field makes my stomach hurt.

(Brady and Brock playing a yard game. They're good at anything they pick-up.)

Could the USA team be better if we were pulling from all of our resources around the country? If LeBron and Kobe played soccer would we walk in the World Cup and dominate? What if we threw in Adrian Peterson, Derek Jetter or A-Rod? Should we leave well enough alone? We're not European, you know.

Did you get sucked into the World Cup to just be disappointed? As my brother said, "Damn you Soccer, you've fooled me for the last time." I feel the same way. I'm over soccer. I'm ready for football season. American FOOTBALL.

I'm more bummed that TCU lost in Omaha yesterday. It's just the American way, what can I say?


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Have you heard of TOMS Shoes? Do you have a pair? Do you know the story? TOMS was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. Blake is the cousin of a dear friend of mine from grade school, Kevin. His concept and idea was so simple in the beginning and has turned into a very successful AND generous business. He traveled to Argentina and saw that so many children didn't have shoes. He decided to start a shoe business and for every pair of shoes he sold, he would give a pair to a child in need. How fabulous is that? Have you seen the commercial? It will melt your heart.

Remember this post? TOMS came out with wedges this year and they're selling like hot cakes. The salesman at Nordstrom said they got 28 pairs in one day and by the next they were down to 7. I would say its a win/win for everyone. Great shoes for paying customers and a pair for a child in need.

Turns out the princess got her own pair of TOMS today. Her Aunt Meredith deemed it necessary that she have the gold pair. It looks like she's spoiled beyond belief before she ever even arrives! Is it that everything is cute in gold or in a baby size or both? I don't know, but these shoes are about the cutest things I've laid eyes on. Thank you Aunt Mere! Jules is sure to sparkle in these babies! Now, when she starts asking for Manolos and Christian Louboutins I'm sending her right over to your house.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy some TOMS. It's for a good cause.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gift Giving

In keeping with the sentimental sappiness of Father's Day I'm going to share a little gift giving story.
My dad was a great gift giver. His gifts were always unique, clever, well thought-out. From what I can recall, the gifts he gave to my mom were typically lovely gifts. I can remember a car, some diamonds, fantastic pieces of jewelry and so forth. {My husband could use some brush-up skills in this department. He nails it sometimes and other times not so much.}

When it came to Christmas my dad was in charge of our stockings. The little gifts he put inside were so neat! One year I got a silver writing pen with a gold Tweety Bird on it. I was in gradeschool and to me, it was the coolest gift. My brother has the same knack and especially at Christmas. He's always finding just the right gift. Something you don't have or have never seen, but find to be the perfect item.
You get the point on my dad, the man could score serious points in the gift giving department.

When my brother and I were born he brought my mom painted jewelry boxes. I have no idea without the internet how in the world he found the same type of jewelry box 6 years apart from one another, but he did. My mom kept both of the boxes all these years. They were always displayed with her "pretties". When my nephew, Henry, was born my mom had "Brian's box" filled with flowers and gave it to my sister-in-law, Alli. As I understand, she will do the same with my box. These kinds of things fill my heart with joy and are worth so much. The flowers will die, but hopefully my jewelry box can be given to Julia one day when she has a baby.

Are you a good gift giver? Is there something you can do to make you a better gift giver? I try to find special gifts, but it doesn't always come out as I hope. I guess the red hair I did inherit, the gift giving gene, maybe not.

Happy Hump Day readers...I hope you're surviving the heat if it's as hot where you are as it is in Dallas.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flippin Happy

Clint and I took a little road trip this past weekend. We hit Austin and kept on through the Texas Hill Country. It was a lovely weekend, and I will post some pictures of its entirety soon. Yes, I know...I still owe you Houston pictures too. Maybe I will condense and do a Tour de Texas post.

For now I want to tell you about a fabulous food find. The best doctor in the world, Dr. Speight, suggested a stop at Flip Happy Crepes in Austin. She made the disclaimer they were not to be confused with a crepe in Paris, but we took our chances.

Here's what they got...
{I hear the Roasted Chicken with goat cheese, caramelized onions and garlic is rather yummy.}

It's quite the Austin scene out of an Airstream lookin like this...

We chose a Nutella and Strawberry, which was pretty much solid delight.
And after I ate it...

I was feelin like this...

Talking about fabulous crepes did remind me of our trip to Paris last fall. They're not so much served from an airstream and you don't hear Texas country music playing in the background.
No, no. These are a delicacy all of their own. They're real French crepes. They're served by smokin hot Frenchmen and the whole experience just leaves you wishing you were French.

Well, you can see it certainly wasn't the 100 degree day in Paris as it was in Austin this weekend.

Ah, a Lavazza break.

And there it is. The Nutella and Banana Crepe. To. Die. For.

I was so giddy after this little journey that I fell down the stairs. Sadly, those aren't the first set of stairs that I've taken a nasty spill down.

And I will leave you with a little piece of Paris, the City of Lights. I hope you've traveled to this amazing city and if you haven't, add it to your bucket list. It's a wonderful, wonderful place. Sweet dreams!


Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

That's one of those sayings my dad used to say all the time. That being said, my Father's Day posting is late.

Father's Day has been a dreadful day for the past 11 years. I hate Father's Day. It's a fine day if you have one, but when you don't, there's just a whole lotta gifts, cards, golf, grilling and such all in your face. It's depressing. Very depressing.

This year brought about something different. I have something new. A baby daddy. At first I thought it was a bit lame to celebrate the chief this year. After all, the baby's not here and he certainly isn't the one carrying her for 10 months. But, he's worked his tail off trying to coordinate some projects around our house before I go bananas trying to nest. He's also built a piece of furniture, hung a chandelier and moved an entire guestroom of furniture out to the garage ALL BY HIMSELF. I would say that deserves some applause. Not to mention, he's painted the nursery and the living room and continues to deal with the "when's the rest going to be complete?" question. He's a good man, and I couldn't ask for a better dad for my daughter.

I consulted the princess on her ideas for a gift. She insisted we give him a new hammer to replace his rusted, broken one. She was embarrassed that's what he was using to get her room ready. Then she suggested a massage after all of his hard work. He was thrilled. He had tears in his tired eyes thinking of her being here next year. He's requested a day swimming with Jules on his first "official" Father's Day. But for now, we celebrated a new beginning of happier times.

Clint building a cabinet for Julia's room

Clint enjoying a beer on the river

Clint enjoying a beer in Frankfurt, Germany

Clint and me on the river this weekend

They say you marry someone just like your father. I think and hope I did. In the 17 years I spent with my dad, I learned a lot. He was the greatest dad a little girl could ever ask for. He instilled in me the gift to give, the act to care, the spirit to have fun and the inspiration to dream. I hope my daughter will have the same given to her.

I hope you all enjoyed your Father's Day. However and whomever you chose to celebrate.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can it get any hotter?

No, really. I can't get it hot enough these days.

That sign indicates Chick-fil-A now has spicy chicken sandwiches. SWEEEET.
I haven't tried one yet, but you better believe I will here soon.

This Jalapeno Bread is from Buc-ee's. Have you been? It's a gas station on the way up 45 from Houston. There is something super white trash and fabulous about this place. I love it. You can get kolaches...the real kind. Not the Dallas fake ones with a little smokie stuff inside. I'm talking about the real deal. Oh and did I mention you can get jalapenos in those too?
They have incredibly clean bathrooms and a computer system that is crazy efficient for ordering your sandwiches, breakfasts, bakery items, etc., etc. It's the Wal-Mart of gas stations. Stop in, you'll be glad you did.

There is also the Jalapeno Cheetos and the Jalapeno Cheddar Chex Mix. Hmmmm.
I do realize these pictures make my diet look like total crap. I do manage to get in fruits and veggies and other more nutritious items. But if what I'm eating has any indication of what Julia's pallet will be like...she's gonna like it hot!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tired and My Dogs are A Barkin'

My feet that will be going for a soak and a pedi sometime today.

What's going on peeps? Is everyone off to the start of a fabulous weekend? I sure hope so!
This post is going to be chock-full of complaints. Just mere complaining from a pregnant lady.

Let me start by telling you I ran my last wedding last night. Might not be the last one forever, forever, but it's certainly the last one for a long while. I forget each time what it takes to pull off a wedding. It certainly doesn't have the be the $100K soiree either. It's just the magnitude and need for perfection on a WEDDING DAY, anyone's wedding day.
So after a year of planning and meeting and talking and thinking and emailing we were off to execute THE DAY. The deliveries were made to the venue promptly at 10 am and the day was off to a good start.

I started to feel tense around 4:30 pm when I was on my way for actual set-up for the reception. Thinking, "my gosh, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I have 160 chairs, 19 tables, 5 cocktail rounds, linens, pictures, tulle, candles, cake tables, cake knives and cocktail napkins to ensure are in the EXACT right spot." How in the world was I going to make this all happen?

As it always does, it came together. The room looked beautiful with the flowers in their place. The candles were lit offering a lovely glow in the venue that sits on the lake. The band was practicing cover songs from bands like Kings of Leon and Joe Cocker. I was sweating my pregnant self something silly, but as I got the text that the ceremony had concluded and guests were on their way...the final touches were being added and it was all going to work out. I threw on my dress and fixed one last bow and wiped my brow and smeared on some lipstick. Here was the grand finale. THE LAST WEDDING.

The reception was all going as planned and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. {Sidenote, I really dislike the question "are you enjoying yourself?" I'm not sure what it is, but it freaks me out and I don't like it. Don't ask me if I'm "enjoying myself". Ikkkkk.}

And then the photographer shows up in my face asking where he can sit to eat. There's a lot wrong with this. #1, he has A LOT of photos to capture at this moment. #2, My job is several things, but it certainly is not to see that he has a seat and a plate full of food to fill his belly. I nicely said there was not a place in the main seating for him, but maybe after cake-cutting he could grab a bite and sit in the back somewhere. He quickly told me that wouldn't work and he was starving. {Which, by the way, when a grown-a*s man uses the word "STARVING" like a 5-year-old it already rubs me the wrong way.} Ohhhhhh, no you did not. Not to this preggers, you didn't. I wish each of you could have witnessed this next moment. I'm a feisty little one, but typically, when it comes to work I chicken out and put on my happy face. I looked at that man and pulled the pregnant card. I snapped that I was 6 months pregnant and STARVING too. I was hot. My feet hurt. My day had been long, but eating in the big, fat middle of the reception WAS NOT AN OPTION ON MY WATCH. Idiot.
He had the nerve to leave me some "extra" business cards at the end of the night. Don't think I'll need those. Ever.

I don't have a single picture from the night. I was tired, peeps. Very tired. By the time I got home I couldn't stand up-right because my back and feet hurt so badly. This lovely said venue on the lake makes you CLEAR the entire room and leave it as you found it at 9:00 am. That means all of those tables and chairs mentioned above had to be striked and moved to a back room for pick-up and everything from the trash and crumbs on the floor had to be removed.

But you know what? It's Saturday and it's over. There's another couple in the world married today and for the new Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff, I hope it's a wonderful life together.

My princess has a chandelier hanging in her room and my living room is getting a make-over too. Tired will always go away or maybe it won't and you just adjust to deal with it, but life is good.

I promise to be back with a Houston re-cap. Here's a little teaser.
(Hello French Flash Cards...I love you. My favorite letter is "E-for Escargot". I wish I was French.)

And I have another good post up my sleeve. Has a little something to do with this...
Amalfi Coast, Italy

Ciao, Ciao. Live it up this weekend.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You seen these?

Tom's came out with wedges!! They are hot off the press and my super hip friend, Angela, got a sweet, red and white striped pair. They will be oh-so-perfect for OU game days! BOOMER!
(Photo courtesy of Angela from her hard-working cubicle!)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

West Elm?

Hey peeps. I have lots to catch you up on from the weekend! Took a trip to Houston and scored some DUH-ARLING things for the princess (ate some pretty fantastic food and dessert too!). You're sure to drool! Here's a hint...shantung silk is the bottom half of Julia's "going-home-from-the -hospital" outfit. Stay tuned. I will have the re-cap up soon.

In the meantime, anyone looking for super cool, mid-century-esq chairs?
Check these West Elm babies out from Craigs List in Dallas.

A set of 4 can be yours for $180 OBO.
Check it.

Happy Tuesday!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deal of the Day

I was rolling through Target and spied these candles. Aren't they awesome? And for $3, I must say I think they're grand. They don't have much as far as fragrance, but at this house that's fine. The chief gets all bothered and allergy-fied with too much fragrance. Yes, it irritates me, but what's one supposed to do? Listening to him complain isn't worth a fragrance. Back to this candle, it comes in various colors, but how clean and classic is this one by the kitchen sink? No fuss, no stickers, no labels, just a solid candle. I'm likin it.

(Hopefully using the picture as a reference you can tell it's a pot and much bigger than a votive size.)

Oh and then somehow this little number found its way into my cart. I have no idea...but maybe Henry threw it in knowing Jules is sure to love kelly green and navy like her momma. Pretty sure that's going to be the cutest thing ever next summer.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sex and The City 2

You seen it?

I had a little dinner date with Heather and an imperative meeting to see this.
Disappointed? Yes. Will I watch it again? Probably.

I knew the sequel wouldn't be near as good as the first. It never is. I LOVED SATC. I don't watch movies over and over again. It bugs me. I watched that movie in the theater twice, on the way to Italy twice, in Italy twice, on the way home twice and have watched it a million times since then. I cry, I laugh, I drool over the fashion, jewelry, accessories, Carrie's closet, that penthouse apartment and swoon over those precious babies; Lily and Rose. To me, it was fantastic. And what pregnant lady doesn't want to look like Charlotte for her baby shower?

Here are the things I found absolutely wrong with this movie.
1. New York wasn't in near enough of the scenes. NY plays the 5th character, in my opinion.

2. The fashion was, as usual, over the top, but I didn't find any of it all that great. The white dress and fab, gold aviators Carrie sports at the very beginning are the best of the whole movie.

3. I'm over Samantha and her sex adventures. She's going through menopause and still having porn-star sex.

4. Miranda was absolutely pointless in this movie. Her lines were corny and didn't offer much.

5. I don't want to see or hear karaoke. Ever. It makes me want to pull the sheets up (and for those that know me really well, you know that's the worst feeling I can possibly have).

6. The men needed to be in this one more. A lot more.

7. Especially this one.

8. And the ending. Oh the ending. I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it, but watch it and you will know what I'm talking about.

What did you think? Am I totally off base?

*All images courtesy of Google Image

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

I spent some time yesterday reflecting on my Grandfather Kalinowski, who served in WWII on the USS Houston in the Pacific. His ship was bombed and after surviving he spent 4 years in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp. As I floated in the pool my mind couldn't even fathom what life must have been like for him. His sacrifice paved the path for a beautiful life of freedom for me. Here's a huge thank you to men and women that serve this country to protect our freedom everyday.