Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gift Giving

In keeping with the sentimental sappiness of Father's Day I'm going to share a little gift giving story.
My dad was a great gift giver. His gifts were always unique, clever, well thought-out. From what I can recall, the gifts he gave to my mom were typically lovely gifts. I can remember a car, some diamonds, fantastic pieces of jewelry and so forth. {My husband could use some brush-up skills in this department. He nails it sometimes and other times not so much.}

When it came to Christmas my dad was in charge of our stockings. The little gifts he put inside were so neat! One year I got a silver writing pen with a gold Tweety Bird on it. I was in gradeschool and to me, it was the coolest gift. My brother has the same knack and especially at Christmas. He's always finding just the right gift. Something you don't have or have never seen, but find to be the perfect item.
You get the point on my dad, the man could score serious points in the gift giving department.

When my brother and I were born he brought my mom painted jewelry boxes. I have no idea without the internet how in the world he found the same type of jewelry box 6 years apart from one another, but he did. My mom kept both of the boxes all these years. They were always displayed with her "pretties". When my nephew, Henry, was born my mom had "Brian's box" filled with flowers and gave it to my sister-in-law, Alli. As I understand, she will do the same with my box. These kinds of things fill my heart with joy and are worth so much. The flowers will die, but hopefully my jewelry box can be given to Julia one day when she has a baby.

Are you a good gift giver? Is there something you can do to make you a better gift giver? I try to find special gifts, but it doesn't always come out as I hope. I guess the red hair I did inherit, the gift giving gene, maybe not.

Happy Hump Day readers...I hope you're surviving the heat if it's as hot where you are as it is in Dallas.


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