Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tired and My Dogs are A Barkin'

My feet that will be going for a soak and a pedi sometime today.

What's going on peeps? Is everyone off to the start of a fabulous weekend? I sure hope so!
This post is going to be chock-full of complaints. Just mere complaining from a pregnant lady.

Let me start by telling you I ran my last wedding last night. Might not be the last one forever, forever, but it's certainly the last one for a long while. I forget each time what it takes to pull off a wedding. It certainly doesn't have the be the $100K soiree either. It's just the magnitude and need for perfection on a WEDDING DAY, anyone's wedding day.
So after a year of planning and meeting and talking and thinking and emailing we were off to execute THE DAY. The deliveries were made to the venue promptly at 10 am and the day was off to a good start.

I started to feel tense around 4:30 pm when I was on my way for actual set-up for the reception. Thinking, "my gosh, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I have 160 chairs, 19 tables, 5 cocktail rounds, linens, pictures, tulle, candles, cake tables, cake knives and cocktail napkins to ensure are in the EXACT right spot." How in the world was I going to make this all happen?

As it always does, it came together. The room looked beautiful with the flowers in their place. The candles were lit offering a lovely glow in the venue that sits on the lake. The band was practicing cover songs from bands like Kings of Leon and Joe Cocker. I was sweating my pregnant self something silly, but as I got the text that the ceremony had concluded and guests were on their way...the final touches were being added and it was all going to work out. I threw on my dress and fixed one last bow and wiped my brow and smeared on some lipstick. Here was the grand finale. THE LAST WEDDING.

The reception was all going as planned and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. {Sidenote, I really dislike the question "are you enjoying yourself?" I'm not sure what it is, but it freaks me out and I don't like it. Don't ask me if I'm "enjoying myself". Ikkkkk.}

And then the photographer shows up in my face asking where he can sit to eat. There's a lot wrong with this. #1, he has A LOT of photos to capture at this moment. #2, My job is several things, but it certainly is not to see that he has a seat and a plate full of food to fill his belly. I nicely said there was not a place in the main seating for him, but maybe after cake-cutting he could grab a bite and sit in the back somewhere. He quickly told me that wouldn't work and he was starving. {Which, by the way, when a grown-a*s man uses the word "STARVING" like a 5-year-old it already rubs me the wrong way.} Ohhhhhh, no you did not. Not to this preggers, you didn't. I wish each of you could have witnessed this next moment. I'm a feisty little one, but typically, when it comes to work I chicken out and put on my happy face. I looked at that man and pulled the pregnant card. I snapped that I was 6 months pregnant and STARVING too. I was hot. My feet hurt. My day had been long, but eating in the big, fat middle of the reception WAS NOT AN OPTION ON MY WATCH. Idiot.
He had the nerve to leave me some "extra" business cards at the end of the night. Don't think I'll need those. Ever.

I don't have a single picture from the night. I was tired, peeps. Very tired. By the time I got home I couldn't stand up-right because my back and feet hurt so badly. This lovely said venue on the lake makes you CLEAR the entire room and leave it as you found it at 9:00 am. That means all of those tables and chairs mentioned above had to be striked and moved to a back room for pick-up and everything from the trash and crumbs on the floor had to be removed.

But you know what? It's Saturday and it's over. There's another couple in the world married today and for the new Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff, I hope it's a wonderful life together.

My princess has a chandelier hanging in her room and my living room is getting a make-over too. Tired will always go away or maybe it won't and you just adjust to deal with it, but life is good.

I promise to be back with a Houston re-cap. Here's a little teaser.
(Hello French Flash Cards...I love you. My favorite letter is "E-for Escargot". I wish I was French.)

And I have another good post up my sleeve. Has a little something to do with this...
Amalfi Coast, Italy

Ciao, Ciao. Live it up this weekend.


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  1. Love the chandy and can't wait to see more about the flash cards and other goodies from Houston!!