Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deal of the Day

I was rolling through Target and spied these candles. Aren't they awesome? And for $3, I must say I think they're grand. They don't have much as far as fragrance, but at this house that's fine. The chief gets all bothered and allergy-fied with too much fragrance. Yes, it irritates me, but what's one supposed to do? Listening to him complain isn't worth a fragrance. Back to this candle, it comes in various colors, but how clean and classic is this one by the kitchen sink? No fuss, no stickers, no labels, just a solid candle. I'm likin it.

(Hopefully using the picture as a reference you can tell it's a pot and much bigger than a votive size.)

Oh and then somehow this little number found its way into my cart. I have no idea...but maybe Henry threw it in knowing Jules is sure to love kelly green and navy like her momma. Pretty sure that's going to be the cutest thing ever next summer.


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