Sunday, June 27, 2010

Futbol, no?

(David Beckham...need I say more?)

What are your thoughts on soccer? It seems to be a popular sport among the younger kiddos in this country, but other than David Beckham, I couldn't have told you one grown man's name that played the sport before the World Cup. And even now I only know Clint Dempsey's name and that's because I saw his "pull your heart strings" story on ESPN. His sister died at a young age and he's from Texas.

(Clint Dempsey)

Oh, and I know Landon. Not sure of his last name though. He made our goal for the win against the last team. Couldn't even tell you what country we played before Ghana. Yep, bandwagon soccer, that's me.

(Landon Donovan)

Soccer just doesn't seem to hold a candle to football, basketball or baseball in this country. Why is that? How is it that kids and parents can spend entire weekends at a windy soccer field and then it fades away?

In other countries I've visited kids are playing soccer in the streets. I'm guessing you couldn't find an American Football if you needed to. Clint and I were lost in a small village in the heart of Tuscany. We came upon a group of kids playing soccer in the street. They didn't speak English, and I'm almost certain none of them had ever seen a red-head by the looks I was receiving. They knew one thing for sure, they played soccer. They loved it.

(Clint super lost in Tuscany)

Clint and I have two nephews that play soccer in Amarillo. They are both superstars and are very talented with a soccer ball. They're just 6 and 8 years old and they've spent a good portion of their life on a soccer field. They play multiple games in one day. They play tournaments in different cities. It's serious business. Did I mention they're 6 and 8? Will they play in high school? Will they play in college? Will they play in the Olympics or World Cup?

They have really great soccer parents too. They're uber supportive and foster their athletic talents. I'm afraid the princess will want to play soccer, and I'm going to be in trouble. The thought of entire weekends on a soccer field makes my stomach hurt.

(Brady and Brock playing a yard game. They're good at anything they pick-up.)

Could the USA team be better if we were pulling from all of our resources around the country? If LeBron and Kobe played soccer would we walk in the World Cup and dominate? What if we threw in Adrian Peterson, Derek Jetter or A-Rod? Should we leave well enough alone? We're not European, you know.

Did you get sucked into the World Cup to just be disappointed? As my brother said, "Damn you Soccer, you've fooled me for the last time." I feel the same way. I'm over soccer. I'm ready for football season. American FOOTBALL.

I'm more bummed that TCU lost in Omaha yesterday. It's just the American way, what can I say?



  1. Hmmm...know a couple of cute blogs who would LOVE a sponsorship by TOMS... ;)

  2. I wasn't lost. Just a slight detour to a great experience!