Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Joys of Pregnancy

No lie, I don't LOVE this whole pregnancy deal. I find it special and there are certainly times I enjoy it and smile thinking about how amazing the process really is. However, in general, this is not the 10-month period of time I have lived for my entire life.

And truthfully, I shouldn't even admit to that. I was so blessed to get pregnant very quickly without even having to think about it. No hiccups, no trouble whatsoever. I have friends and relatives that have had a few more bumps in the road. All of this to say, I'm very thankful for the easy process and that Julia seems so healthy to this point. I am, however, about ready to wrap-up and meet the superstar. I'm tired of sharing this body of mine.

So this week I rolled into Dr. Speight's for my 28 week appointment. This was my first appointment of the third trimester. Big stuff happens this week. I signed my life away on a blood transfusion if it's necessary, a C-Section if that's what my doctor sees fit and Cord Blood Preservation to be taken care of by my doctor. You know, just the REAL stuff of this pregnancy. It dawned on me that this whole thing is going to come to an end. She's gettin out one way or another. It could be as easily as I got pregnant or it could be a very hard way and complicated. I'm hoping for the first of the two scenarios, but I am in good hands at a good hospital, so I'm not spending too much time dwelling.

In addition to the paperwork I signed, I also had blood drawn to ensure I'm still HIV negative (from the first trimester). My fingers are crossed. I have been seeing other men during this time and having crazy, wild, unprotected, mistress sex. I kid. I find it ridiculous you have to be tested again, but as of January 1 it's all a new law. I about passed out when 5 vials of blood were drawn from my arm. I made it. My only concern at this point are my Glucose results. Just hoping those come back normal and for the time being we're good as gold.

The last episode of this appointment was a RhoGam shot. Anyone had that? I am a negative blood type so I think that means I am a negative Rh factor as well. Anyhow, they had to give me this injection to ensure the baby's blood and my blood will be able to intermix during delivery. My Aunt Cindy is a fabulous Labor and Delivery nurse and gave me all the ins and outs, but I'm unsure of the exact terminology. I had the paper prescription and had to have it filled before returning to have the injection placed in my rear. The Chief and I jumped through several hoops to get this Rx filled. We'll start with the fact it's $160 and insurance won't cover a necessary item. Ridiculous. The next hoop was that it is hard to find. Finally, we had the prescription and I'm all set for my appointment. The chief took some time out of his day to pick-up the injection on his way back from a meeting on the north side of town. This was all falling into place beautifully, and I was just about ready for the appointment.

This is where it all went to hell. It came in a bag looking like this.

The inside said this.

Clint didn't look at the inside of the box. I don't blame him, I wouldn't have either.
If you don't follow those instructions the injection is no longer good.
{And yes, they do have my name spelled incorrectly.)

This guy has had a bad cold this week and the weather was pouring rain. To get to the pharmacy 45 minutes from my place of employment just wasn't going to happen.

Most days this probably would have upset me and irritated me, but being pregnant it sent me through the roof. Why in the hell didn't the pharmacy tech tell my husband that this injection needed to be refrigerated? The man had on a suit and tie, did he look like someone that typically handles injections? At noon on a Monday did he look like he was headed home to catch his favorite soap opera? No, quite the opposite. He was headed back to his office where this shot would sit un-refrigerated for the next 18 hours.

After all of this madness the problem was resolved and the injection still made it's way into my rear. All is well and for week 28 we're set.

I hope the rest of you have been smooth sailin this week. I'm about ready to kick-off the holiday weekend...with whatever plans it might hold! I'm guessing some faux beer and maybe a poolside float or two.



  1. That high chair cracks me up with its 5-point, f-16 style harness! Guess you never know when a kid's gonna jet out of dinner! ;)

  2. I know, right! Sometimes I don't use the top straps, but Henry often times tries to feed the dog and he looks like he's going to flip out! It's a beast to get the thing all hooked up!