Thursday, July 22, 2010

"We. Like. To. Party. We like, we like to PARTY."

Can you sing that with me? Point being, I LOVE to throw parties. I love to worry and stress and hustle and make lists all in preparation of a good party. Our tiny, little house has seen a lot of great parties over the last 5 years. Everything from OU/Texas parties to birthday parties to Christmas parties and just a good old happy hour party. We've done it all. We've done up a graduation party for a friend and a wedding reception after-party, as well as a whole lotta showers (babies and weddings, that is). We've even had a crawfish boil in the pouring, monsoon rain. And a many a holiday have been celebrated in this house. I'd throw a party every weekend if the Chief would allow. Unfortunately, my entertainment budget is nil, so parties are out the window at the moment.

Yesterday was the Chief's birthday. The double 3. I wanted to throw him a big party. BIG. Like, give me several thousands of dollars, and I would have made a damn good time. But, we're into things like cribs these days, so the big party was nixed. And to be clear, I don't typically get to spend thousands on a party. That's a total pipe dream.

Instead, I surprised Clint with family and a couple of friends for dinner. It was casual and nothing fancy. These guys were there...big Brian and little Brian.

We were home by 8:30 pm. It's starting to make me itch how old we are. 8:30 pm, really?
We did have some cakeballs though. You tried them yet? They're delicious, and I accidentally ordered too many so looks like I have some extra cake balls to enjoy! Opps.

If you live in Dallas you must try Tart's cakeballs. Red Velvet and double chocolate. Check.

Disclaimer, this next part is sap. Pure sap. I don't typically speak in such a way, but today calls for it.

To the chief, I love you and I hope you had a wonderful birthday even though it wasn't full of luxe and grandeur. You are a wonderful man and will be the best dad in the world to Julia.
In conclusion, I've made a little top 10 list of things that I love about you.

1. The way you dance in the morning
2. The need to have your back scratched when you wake up

3. Your love for this baby on the way (and your look of utter surprise when you feel her move)
4. Your ability to do really hard math in your head
5. The way you take care of the bills
6. The meticulous way you tie your tie

7. Your time systems on a road-trip
8. Your love for espresso. Really good espresso.
9. Your ignorance to music (my favorite is when you think someone like New Order sings a song by The Cure)
10. And finally, your passion to travel, see and do

Of course these aren't all of the things I love about you. And all of these go with the fact that you love and take care of me and for that I'm forever grateful.

Love you, bestie!



  1. Lindsey,
    Nice tribute...

    Our family has the party passion as well. In fact we have even moved the passion into internet action....

    I am looking for expert party hosts to be a part of the beta testing group.

    Any interest?

  2. happy birthday to clint! oh and i love cake balls... so yummy! hope you are feeling great! can't believe julia will be here so soon!! miss you lots!! xoxo