Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bedding Fit for a Princess

The bedding is complete! I am in love. More in love than I thought. It turned out exactly as crisp and happy has I had hoped.

Please forgive. I haven't washed the sheet yet. I thought you could look past its wrinkles and see the bedding for all its glory.

Who did the bedding? Miracle worker, Lesley. She's a superstar. She's so talented, so sweet and so wonderful to work with. She will do exactly what you ask or when you get down to the end and you say "Les, here is the leftover fabric, make me something wonderful." She will. And you'll love it more than you thought. Like the Imperial Trellis pillow. I. LOVE. IT. Happy to share her. Let me know if you need a wonderful seamstress in Dallas.

I wanted the skirt to kiss the floor. I had originally gone with a different crib. I had Lesley make the skirt based on those measurements. Then I changed my mind on the crib. Yes, my husband has gritted his teeth at me on several occasions. So then the skirt was too short. Again, the chief saw no problem, but I insisted it needed to be fixed. He now agrees it's better. So above said miracle worker fixed me up. She added the stripe and velcroed it to the bottom. I actually love it more now than I did before! And, now the stripe can just be removed when it's time to lower the mattress. Genius!

Buenos Noches pillow is from Dallas Flea. Contact me for ordering information. The lady has several Spanish phrases.

**Zero natural light. All pictures with a flash. A little "tart", but it's close to the real deal.

What do you think? Did I spend more time agonizing over this bedding and nursery than most? I really wish I didn't care so much and bought a bed in a bag and said done. Really, this would be a lot easier on everyone. But now that it's complete and my hours of laying awake at night have paid off, I'm thrilled. No need to tell me how crazy I am. I know.

We're off to meet our newest nephew tomorrow! Pretty excited to see what Bryer Hoyt Parker is all about.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I love it! It just may be the sweetest baby girl bedding I have ever seen. You did an awesome job...well worth all the stress :)

  2. Love love love it Linds! You spent EXACTLY the right amount of time and effort on it if this is the result!! And I agree- that little ruffle at the bottom of the skirt is AMAZING! Probably my favorite part besides the green trellis fabric :) Gotta love a little improvisation!

  3. is so beautiful! You did a fabulous job. I know Miss Julia will absolutely love it! She is so lucky.