Wednesday, July 28, 2010

32 weeks...8-ish more to go!

This morning I had my 32 week appointment with Dr. Speight. We chatted about Mexico and fine resorts in which to stay. I'm sure her double physician salary can afford more than my single banker income, but it was fun to chat nonetheless. Have I mentioned how much I adore her? I really do.

Looks like Julia (pronounced Jool-ya) is back on track. She was measuring two weeks ahead of schedule at my last appointment, but has evened herself out. As long as she is healthy I have no complaints, but truly, I was hoping she would relax a little and not show up too early. I'm a planner. I have plans. September 19 and after is what's on my calendar. I've chatted with God about this, and we've agreed I need to relax and let her debut when the time is right, but did give God the P.S. that I'd really be thrilled if it were sometime during the week of the 20th. We'll see.

No pictures today. Sorry.
Happy Hump Day!


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