Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Sunburn...Lotta Fun

This past week the Chief and I took a little trip. Some call it a babymoon, but that word kinda freaks me out. Although, while on this "trip" I did often think about this being our last trip before becoming a family of 3. Last trip before I'm a mom. Last trip before I have the constant worry for another being.

As we drove to San Antonio Clint and I reminisced on our very first trip together. It, also, was to San Antonio. In a totally corny fashion we went to Sea World and stayed on the Riverwalk. We had a blast. I was sunburned as all hell and Clint had never seen such redness in his life. From then on he's been Mr. Protective about me burning. He's worse than your mother when you're 10 at Wet n' Wild. And yes, it's still Wet n' Wild.

The trip was for one purpose. RELAXATION. From what I understand it all gets hectic from here. And truthfully, it's been hectic since about March. We needed a break from strollers, carriers, cribs, house projects, what SUV to buy, what diaper bag to purchase, automatic gates installed and all the preparation and thought that has gone into the idea of this little one joining us. It was the last little taste of footloose and fancy-free.

We were able to do just what we wanted: RELAX.

We checked ourselves into the Westin La Cantera on Wednesday and did nothing but eat, drink, laugh, lay by the pool and enjoy the sunshine for 4 days. Our trips in the past have been wonderful, and I cherish every. single. one., but none of them have been sans a long flight with no agenda but to totally chill and have fun. There were no museums, no cathedrals, no trains, no boats, no 15 kilometer walks around a city, no getting up early, no tours and no plans. It was a welcomed change of pace.

There was just a small hiccup in the relaxation mode with a smidge of work. The Chief's scorecard came out and he had to check that all his deals were posted and do a little number crunching to see where he stood after the first six-month mark. Then it was back to the fun.

We spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning alone and did a lot of "this time next year" and "this time last year" talks. We dreamed about little Jules being in the pool next year and how different life will be. It was great. But Friday afternoon came some fun!

My cousin, Brooke, and her husband, Mark, met us for the weekend. Brooke is Julia's Godmother and out of 13 grandchildren, my closest cousin. We have played together as kids, vacationed with each other, dominated kickball tournaments with our uncles and dads, visited each other in college, drank a billion beers together and have been bridesmaids in each other's weddings. Now for the next chapter...our kids.

Brooke and I can be apart for an entire year and when Thanksgiving hits it's like nothing has changed. We laugh so hard it hurts and have the exact same sense of humor. I guess family are often times broken from the same mould. Brooke and I are exactly that, from the same mould.

Friday night we stopped by kiddie zone to snag a smores on the way to dinner. Pregnant ladies like smores.

Then Brooke and Mark took us to Fralo's for dinner. It has the best pizza and atmosphere. Live music, BYOB and Goat Cheese pizza...what could be better?!

Saturday we did a little something different and had breakfast. Apparently that's the hotspot for the kiddies before they leave for Fiesta Texas. Worked out well for us because Clint really needed his picture taken with Bugs Bunny.

Then it was onto our usual routine of sitting by the pool ALL DAY. There were Blue Hawaiians, lots of beer, some O'Douls, Daiquiris with Rum on the side (Chief took it upon himself to ensure nothing went to waste) and an afternoon of laughing. It felt so good. So GOOD.

Saturday night we went to Boudro's for dinner on the riverwalk. Brooke and Mark had their rehearsal dinner catered by Boudro's, but Clint and I had never been to the restaurant. Delicious! We were sunburned, it was hot, but we managed to eat some excellent food and enjoy the evening.

Yep, there's my double chin. I've worked hard to get it and it looks like it's stayin.

Mark is a dentist. He's very serious about oral hygiene and A&M sports. I'm guessing he's giving Clint a stern talking to about one or the other. Or could have been a debate between ordering a Bourbon and a Texas Tea. We'll probably never know.

Sunday was a run by HomeGoods to ensure I wasn't missing anything and then a final stop at Chuy's to get Chuy-fied. Brooke and I scoped out all the fabulous finds at HomeGoods, while Clint was a magnet to all the cheesiest, biggest wastes of money.

I was sad to see the week end, but have some wonderful memories of our last hoorah before the bebe arrives. I love my family, and moreso, I love that they're excited to be apart of Julia's life. I'm certain a proper introduction will take place in Victoria, Texas over Thanksgiving. Jules will have never seen anything like it.



  1. So, I read your title, and immediately thought of "Lots of sap, big tree, lots of sap." - Christmas Vacation.
    Looks like such a wondey time - wish I could've crashed your party ;) and you soooo don't have a double chin!
    Take Care, and enjoy these last weeks!

  2. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking when it came to mind. Love that movie!
    Wish you could have crashed too!
    Couple of more days for you!!!! Safe travels and be in touch.

  3. LOOOOOOVE THIS POST!! You look so cute with your LITTLE belly!! Glad you guys had a wonderful time!! Much needed...xoxo

  4. Great post... so glad you guys had such a great babymoon! I'm so behind on my blog stalking but just had to say this was a great one :)

  5. It looks like you guys had a great time! You look happy :) Can't wait to see you!