Friday, October 29, 2010

What's the Haps Friday!

Man, lots going on around the world. We could discuss the UPS bomb threats, Miley Cyrus's folks heading for Splitsville or even Mariah Carey being pregnant. But the dilley is this is Halloween Weekend! I know fall started long ago, but deep in the heart of Texas this is the first weekend it actually feels a little crisp. You never know if you'll bundle up in some wool costume and sweat your keyster off or have to put your parka on over the tinkerbell get-up. Welcome to Texas, I tell ya.

Speaking for myself, I really don't care all that much for Halloween. Getting dressed up in costume just never really hit my hot spot. At a previous job I think it was mandatory to dress-up. First, I'm not a big fan of anything that's mandatory and second, grown-ass adults shouldn't typically be in costume or at least not against their will. Agree or no? Goes along the lines of that restaurant "The Magic Time Machine". When Superman waited on me and The Chief years ago {we didn't know any better that no one ever needs to go to The Magic Time Machine} and his yo-yo below was at table height in blue spandex...needless to say, we lost our appetite and rolled out. I think I left a whole drink sitting on the table. Very unlike me, that's how appalled I was.

I digress, so at this said job where it was mandatory to show up in costume, I did dress up as Addison Shephard from Grey's Anatomy. {We also need to discuss how AWFUL Grey's Anatomy has become. My gosh, it's like a train wreck, but I can't stop watching.} A group of friends was the whole cast...and I will say, it was cute. Not that I was rockin Addison Shephard, MD even remotely, but it got some chuckles. Okay, okay, so not rockin Addison Shephard AT ALL, but it was easy to pretend.

Starting from back row: Moi as Addison Shephard, Elizabeth as Meredith Grey, Kristin as Callie Torres, Jessica as Izzie Stephens and Heather as George O'Malley. I'm sure that was all very self explanatory and you didn't need any help, right?!
We made name badges and all. We thought we were cool. And we were.

Halloween was fun back in the day when you pulled the pillowcase off the bed and Trick-or-Treated for hours. Is that over? Is it too dangerous to Trick-or-Treat? I have such nostalgic memories of Halloween as a kiddo. We'd race home from school and eat dinner super early so we could roll out. Our dads went with and drank beer the whole way...stopping at each other houses for a fresher. Will The Chief do that with the princess? I hope so. It was so much fun.

I have four nephews. Three of which are related. They are going as two cowboys and a little pony. Little pony is a pint-sized version of the big brothers. It's pretty darn cute. The other nephew is going as Baby Elvis. I'm about on the edge of my seat to see this. Should be a regular riot. The Jules baby is going as a sweet little flower. Well, to the neighborhood party that is. We're not getting all crazy this year. I'm certain I'll have plenty of time for the whole shebang.

So what are you up to this weekend? Hitting a Ranger Game? Watching the Cowboys embarrass themselves some more? Fall Festival? Whatever it is, I hope it's fun and you find yourself in bed with a stomachache sized amount of candy. See ya on the flipside.

Happy Halloween!



  1. The boys look so cute. Cannot wait for some Baby Elvis. :) Looking forward to handing out some goodies with you guys.

  2. I love Halloween - for kids. I'm doneski on the whole adult dress-up gig. When I rented with two guys, we had a Halloween party every year, and it was good times, so, I've gone geriatric about dressing myself up - that is, it don't happen!
    For the pint-sized, though - I'm all over it. It does kinda make me sad that Avery has never known a "real" Halloween. Her first one, we were in DC, living in what was basically an extended-stay hotel. We've been down here since, and they don't celebrate it. She gets to trick or treat at the Embassy, but it's certainly nothing like we grew up with - going house to house. {sigh}
    Oh well, she had fun.
    Can't wait to see pics of Miss Jules!