Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Mommas!

My super hip, fab and chic cousin, Alison, is guest blogging today over at Odi et Amo. Check it out!

I think most of you follow Alison's blog, but if not might I suggest you do. It's awesome. Alison is a south Texas born and raised girl who has walked many steps. She's well educated, well traveled and well versed in lots of things, but is specifically savvy when it comes to interiors and home decor. I had a crush on her bedroom when we were little. I now have a grown-up crush on her house in Brazil. And yes, you read that correctly...she lives in Brazil. How cool is that?

Alison has many roles, but I would guess that the one that ranks right up there is mom. She has two precious girls: Avery and Isla. I would say she knows a thing or two about mommyhood.

She's guest blogging about advice for new moms. After reading her post it sparked some thoughts on my must have list for moms. I am still super new at this gig, but after 5 weeks I do have a couple of things that I have fallen in love with.

The Boppy Pillow is key. It floats from room to room with me and I use it all day.

The Momma Roo Swing. This thing is awesome. It's the 21st century swing that has several modes, sounds and features. It's very compact and doesn't take up a lot of room, which is what I LOVE.

The video monitor. We have the Safety 1st version. While the pea pod isn't sleeping in her room, I do put her down for naps in there and this little wonder is awesome. Among many features, it displays the temperature of the room on the screen. Seems excessive, but our old house is all over the map with temperature, so it's a piece of mind to know what it feels like in the baby's room.
The Miracle Blanket. Their motto is "The Gift of Sleep". Need I say more?

I'm certain this list will grow, but for now these are my momma must haves!

What's on your must have list?



  1. OMGosh - you are TOO sweet! I wish I had known about that miracle blanket when Isla was a newbie, because I'm a terrible swaddler, too. I would wake Ben up after I had nursed Isla just to re-wrap her. He has some kind of sumo-swaddling moves I never could figure out.
    Maybe I can still talk him into letting me have a video monitor!

  2. I had to do the same thing over here and Clint wasn't the biggest fan of the wake-up every 2 hours! I figured that was the least he could do...but I ended up with the miracle blanket and I can manage. The video monitor wouldn't be so essential except I used it with Henry, so now I'm hooked. Can't go blindly anymore!