Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Routine

Well hello, SYAFBH readers!

Part of the new format for the blog is to designate days for particular topics. This way, you don't have to pop over assuming you'll see and hear all about my child everyday!

I think it's going to go a little something like this:
Momma Lu Mondays. You can expect to hear about the weekend, my child and my happenings. One day, that's it.

Tuesday's Tip. On Tuesdays you can expect to find a helpful tip. Anything from a sale to a new-found recipe. Something I think you might find helpful. We can all use a few new tips, right?

What's the Haps Fridays. This will keep us updated on current events. I recall such an activity from class many moons ago and I remember craving it. The Chief keeps up with all things Hollywood, so it could be something along the lines of Lindsay Lohan or more intellectual like the mid-term elections.

Somewhere in there I'd like to add a little inspirational day. Not that I'm the source of anything inspirational, but with this new life as a mom, I find myself seeking more inspirational stories, quotes, verses, articles and homilies at Mass. I'd like to make it my mission to ensure I seek out at least one inspirational thing a week and share it with you. We'll play with this new gig, but I would LOVE your feedback.

Since it's Tuesday I wanted to share with you a little tip from Central Market. This week their Family Size Meals are on sale for $9.99. The options include Beef Bourguignon, Cowboy Casserole, Chicken Carbonara, Chicken Florentine and more.

So many generous friends and family have brought meals over since we've been home from the hospital. I think we've all done this at some time or another and they can get expensive! I'd love to say I have slaved away, but the truth is I end up taking over a lasagna or running through Short Stop, Celebration or something of the sort. Hopefully those of you that have to take a meal to family or friends after just having a baby will find this helpful. And I know there are several of you signed up on Care Calendars as we speak!

Happy Shopping!


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