Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Spock No More!

"Another day....another doll-ar". Do ya'll sing that in your head every morning? I do and especially on Monday.

We were busy around here this weekend. We celebrated this guy....
It was his first Father's Day!

We picked-up these beauties....
If you're detailed you might notice my curtains got pulled down while the built-in was being finished. And if you're really, really detailed you can catch a sweet glimpse of me in the mirror reflection wearing a "I heart NY" shirt. It's sweet. Keep your eye on the prize...that's the safest spot.

And we're getting ready to rid of Baby Spock tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning my sweet pumpkin goes in for plastic surgery. I can hardly think about it. I have friends and family that have had much, much more invasive, scary, lengthy procedures performed on their children, and I'm now really seeing how strong they really are. This is a small ear situation that will be easily corrected, but I'm scared silly. It's the anesthesia that makes me shiver. And the fact that it's not a necessary surgery, but a vanity/elective situation. I'm not trying to make this a bigger deal than necessary, but if you say some prayers tonight we'd love to be added to your list. For our sanity for the hour it will take and for the most precious gem in our lives...that she does great!


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  1. surgeries are scary. period. i hope everything went well! i'm way behind on my blog reading so i hope the day wasn't too traumatic! hope julia is doing great! love!