Monday, June 13, 2011

I got nothin!

Friends, readers, hopefuls of something good...I got nada.
It's the dog days of summer, and I'm chasin a three-quarter of a year old. That's about all I got.

Yes, today during our nap we were team pink. We didn't go in public as such (the pinks are very un-matching, if you can't tell), but this mommy was too lazy to change afterwards. No clue where the hair brush is. And my kitchen floor is beyond dirty, I know. Thank you Auntie Heather for this onesie. I thought once this peapod was this big it would be inappropriate to wear a onesie. I was sadly very, very wrong. My child will eat everything in sight. If it's not snapped under her unspeakables then it's in her mouth. So, big onesie and we are.

Jules's 1st birthday outfit came in. I. want. to. die. it's so presh. Yes, I do realize her birthday is still 3 months away. In my past life (yes, past...way past) I was an event planner. That sets you up for total and utter failure. There is no choice but to begin planning events WAY in advance. Prolly because I used to get 4 billion people meetings with 2.5 days notice. Now that I know the exact date to these special occasions best believe I'm going to be well planned.
I've been plotting this blessed occasion since she was in my belly. Really. No lie. It's going to be legit. I hope you get invited.

I cruised to a shop this weekend where I scored a pair of lamps for $10. That was sweet. As I was walking in the girl that owned the shop told me I looked familiar. I went along with and was about to play the "where did you go to college" game. I didn't get that far when the girl said I reminded her of a girl named Lindsey Maynard. Well, no sh*t, that's my maiden name all day long. Creepy or what? I say creepy. Never seen this girl in my life and she said this said Lindsey Maynard either does or did work for Neiman's downtown. Fo sho that's not me. Weird. Capital W.

Aside from that, I'm trying to come up with some good project stuff on the house. No, no, I have a laundry list of GREAT projects. I just need a serious helper to come and execute. I keep you posted. Best believe.

Oh, oh, oh, and GO MAVS!!!!!!!!! I was a nice wifey and sat at home while the husband went out. Don't feel sorry. I will catch him on a night that I really care about. Glad the Mavs won, but I'm certain there are going to be more important nights for me.
Ang, hope your daddy flew them home! That's fer real.


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