Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Skinny Jeans and all the rest

What's the haps, peeps?
Jules is growing up right before our eyes. "They" said it would happen and they weren't joking. She has moved from tiny, 5 pound, newborn baby into quite the diva. I couldn't resist these skinny jeans, and I don't know if I've ever seen something so cute before. Whatcha think?

I love how serious she looks here like "mom, I'm so past your picture taking." But yet, she has her pacifier just an arms length away bound by a clip. Still a bebe as much as she might think differently.

I know, I know...too cute for words, right?! What's not cute is my half packed-up, ironing board up, disaster of a house in the background. Please disregard and see next paragraph for some explanation.

As far as where I've been all of your life. Well, last weekend we moved. There is so much behind the word MOVE. I really don't know what it would be like to move out of a house after 25 years. Just the short 5.5 years we lived in the old abode was enough to pull your hair our when it came to packing and moving it. The good news is, I have some super stellar before and after pictures up my sleeve. Give me just a little more time and it will all be well worth the wait. I promise.



  1. you've already moved?! that was so quick...can't wait to see pictures!

  2. yea for the new house! and I LOVE the skinny jeans too!!! I am a sucker for every single color that comes out at baby gap (fortunately Hadley loves them too)! Julia is precious!!!