Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You've so patiently been waiting!

So check this out! It's the first sneak peek to what's going on here at Casa E. Thanks to all the help, sourcing and advice of my long-distance-living-impeccable-design-executing cousin, we're LOVING the transformation. It was a tough decision to pack-up and depart the city. Truth be told, we enjoyed living in Dallas Proper. Sounds cool to say and was also cool to do...for a while. No one seemed to complain about the travel details to get to our home. It was central. It was easy. We had parties and gatherings and dinners and patio happy hours. But, then The Chief began tripping over baby toys, and we began arguing over the lack of space. It became more of a burden than something we enjoyed to live IN the city.

After the birth of the little one we no longer made our way to our favorite restaurant for a Monday night dinner. Those days are on hold for the years to come. And isn't that half the point of LIVING IN THE CITY? The ease of entertainment and restaurants and wine bars. We were scared of Applebee's in the burbs. But, we had to make a change and then we found a builder grade in the burbs and died over the floor plan. Clinton wanted a corner lot. I wanted wood floors and the nursery downstairs. He died over a media room. I dreamed of an office. The master bathtub and closet were gravy on our biscuit. We made an offer. We almost lost the bid. We crossed our fingers, and prayed we were making the right decision. It all worked out and now we reside in suburbia. With all of that behind us, we were ready to make this house a home that felt like us. We wanted to change some of the big, box house standards into something a little more charming.

First up, that faux Tuscan kitchen. Not a fan. Not a fan at all. And for all the nay-sayers on painting those cabinets...they're hands down my favorite part of the house! Go big or go home is the motto around here. I think that's now evident with the bold decision to paint, the monster window panels and the massively oversized lanterns. The in-person feed back has been great, so I hope we made good decisions! Enjoy!

Up next...the pea pod's bathroom transformation. It's underway and lookin good!



  1. Lins - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitchen! I can't believe the dramatic change!!! And, the drapes are amazing. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. I am SO obsessed with the house! I LOVE the kitchen! I am seriously swooning...