Saturday, April 24, 2010

Awww, hey! Nursery Scoop: Furniture

Alright, alright, alright already. I's much easier AND much more fun decorating the nursery when you know what you are having. I have no idea why Clint and I thought we would make it 9 months without knowing the sex. That was crazy. We admit it and have moved on. So now we're on the girl track and things are falling into place beautifully. I'm even making the turn to think we'll be fine in this house.

So we did what everyone says and bought the "Baby Bargains" book this afternoon. We thumbed through that like two goofballs until we got to the meat on cribs. My gosh, that was nuts. Who knew it was like deciding if you wanted to kill your child or actually wanted them to survive the first year of their life. Yikes!

We started our journey with little hope on the first run. Clint typically likes to study it, think about it, process it and digest it for DAYS before making a purchase. I figured outfitting this little one's room would take a good couple of months. I'm happy to report we're now almost finished! We hit IKEA in the afternoon (for the very first time, I will say) and scored two pieces. One has slight damage (but is already put together which is a BONUS) and one piece was ready to move-out and was on sale. SCORE.

My goal is to make this nursery as cute as can be without spending a fortune. I guess that's my typical motto, so nothing has changed. The hunt is all the fun. I want it to be unique, darling and comfortable for Julia, Clint and me. We're getting there.

This dresser will serve as just that...the dresser, but also the changing table. I have ordered green, glass knobs to replace the standard.

This happy, little yellow chest will serve as the book shelf, per se. I grew up with "pretties" and Julia will too! My small collection of Beatrix Potter plates will be placed in here, among some other little delights. And when it's time to move this from the nursery I'm certain to find it another fabulous home. I think towels inside a guest bathroom would be very quaint.

The nursery bedding is heating up! I ran into a road block on Friday, but it's all good. In less than an hour we fixed the problem, and I think it's going to be fabulous! Oh, and the crib is picked out too...all of that to follow.

I hope you all are doing something way more fun than sitting on the computer on a Saturday night. Amazing how life has changed....

Happy Weekend!


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