Sunday, May 2, 2010

I don't want to show ya, but I gotta show ya

Hello lovies-
Get your coffee ready, this is a long post. And it's a post entirely about the nursery. I'm sorry, it's just all consuming these days.

I apologize for my long delay. It's been quite a week and it was rounded off with a horrible viral infection/cold/severe allergies/pain in my a*s. Of course this all happens while Clint's enjoying himself on a guys' trip to Vegas and our house needs to be shown. Which, at this point, is likely a waste of time so cleaning it and having it look like it's about to walk out on a first date is a total waste of time. Friday night as I scrubbed toilets, blew my nose and cleaned out the fridge Clint called to tell me about his afternoon by the pool. I just about came unglued. Okay, moving on!

I picked myself up and went out for a little shopping on Saturday afternoon. Jana and I took an excursion to our favorite antique shop, and we hit jackpot. Yahtzee!
Check out this little delight for Julia's room. Jana and I spied this chandelier right as we walked in.

And here's the final verdict on crib fabric. Of course, there is another story to go along with it. About a week ago, I was more or less fired by the girl I had hired to help me put it all together. {Seems odd that I HIRED her and she kinda FIRED me, but whatevs.} She was about as useless as my husband in helping me. So really, the split was mutual. Still bugged that she bailed. But, I have found a dream come true in the world of sewing. If you live in Dallas and need curtains, bedding, pillows, shower curtains, sink skirts, skirts for roundtables, etc., etc. please let me know. I found a peach, Lesley, and she is FANTASTIC. She's a mom of two, a pre-school teacher and just a delight to be around. Oh and did I mention she is saving me about half of the cost? Can't beat it!

Here's what we're doing.

This Imperial Trellis (that I literally want to cuddle with every time I look at) is going to be the inside of the bumper. I know, I should use it on the outside, but I want to be able to see it in all its glory. Plus, the geometric pattern might allow Julia to increase to genius status with all the stimulation. Okay, probably not, but I can dream!
The white Minkee Dot is going to be the outside of the bumper. Again, I know it should be on the inside, but get with my visual and you'll be on board.
This pink and white will be a bias-cut (I just learned this fancy sewing term). This will be used as the ruffle along the top of the bumper and for the BOWS on the bumper. I must admit, I'm pretty excited to have BIG BOWS on the bumper.
This is almost a big, abstract paisley. It will be the gathered skirt.
What do you think? Are you laughing that I almost went neutral and didn't find out the sex? It is rather it's turned into flower chandeliers, pink bows and ALL GIRL. It's okay, I'm laughing too.

Here's the last little treasure I will show you from the shopping trip. Isn't he cute? Isn't he even cuter under the new dome? I can't wait for it to all come together!

Sorry for the long, drawn-out episode. And the fact that it's another post entirely about the nursery. It's 7:30 am and I'm awake while the rest of my crew is tightly tucked into bed. I'm cozied up with my Pandora, my chandelier dimly lit and a candle beside me, which entails a long post. Enjoy your Sunday and get to shoppin for your momma. You got a week!


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  1. Love the look you're putting together, and that tole chandy - I DIE!