Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh the fun we had!

Saturday was our first baby shower! There were a lot of reasons this was exciting. 1. A BABY SHOWER...that's just fun! 2. A baby shower for a baby that will belong to us...very exciting! 3. We've been involved in hosting and throwing a lot of showers over the years. They've been for weddings and babies alike and we've loved each one because we love each couple they've honored. We've been married for five years, so it's been a long time since the party was for us. What a special, special treat to be the guest of honor!

The shower was held at our dear friends' and neighbors' home, Ray and Jana. Or as better known, The Ranas. It makes the travel plans very easy.

This was the darling gift given to us from the hosts/hostesses. A bathtub full of necessities for the little one. How cute are those "Julia" burp clothes?

Jaime and Amy sure know us well...a bottle of champagne to celebrate the little one!

Jana has just completed a perfect re-do on the living space in their home. Everything was placed to perfection and the face-lift makes their home the happiest, freshest place to be. It's darling! GREAT JOB, JAN!

How cute are the yellow and white poms hanging from the ceiling?! So happy for Miss Julia's shower!

The details were everywhere!

The party is in full-swing. Jana and I are enjoying every minute!

Meredith gave me this cute koozie way back in the early pregnancy days. The yellow and white was too perfect not to use!

I've loved these cookies for a long time. I have used them for countless parties and showers. I had no idea I could love them even more with my child's name adorning the front! Not to mention, my new cookie fetish was really happy with this sweet treat.

PRECIOUS outfits given by Jennie and Charles and Wendy.

The proud dad-to-be popped in at the end to check out the loot. Apparently the guys don't really care much to see baby gifts. I can't imagine why...the squeals and exciting cheers as a reaction to girl clothing is probably out of their participation level.

What a great, great shower! Thank you to Ray and Jana, Nic and Christie, Greg and Wendi, Mark and Lori and Michael and Kendra for hosting such a special night! You guys out did yourselves and we are so thankful. Miss Julia will be delighted to meet all of her "aunts and uncles" in the fall!



  1. Linds - SO glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for all of the sweet compliments in your post! We are looking VERY forward to meeting lil' miss Jules!!!

  2. OMG! Look at all that swag?! And your gorgeous locks - well, you're simply glowing! Jana rocked it on her house, too!