Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is a random posting. I admit it up front, but it's on my mind.

Do you remember the days when we didn't check email and text messages 185,000 times a day? Remember when you would wake up, take a shower, get dressed, drive all the way to work and not have a clue about what was sitting in your inbox? Now you can't board an airplane without the internet. Are we expected to work 100% of the time? Wow, how things have changed.

My dear friend, whom I will let remain anonymous, responded to an email from the elliptical machine the other day. I gave her hell for it and she said if she doesn't keep up she'll have so many things piled up she won't remember to respond. Is it such that our lives are so busy we can't go to the gym without our blackberry, iphone or droid attached? No solitude to be found?

As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning are you checking emails, facebook, blogs, texts? Or are you the kind that's oblivious that the world is running at a rapid pace and you don't need or want to jump on the hamster wheel?

Here is my latest irritation. I get frustrated if someone doesn't respond quickly. Does that irritate you? You know 90% of the world sits with their phone in their lap, on the table while at dinner, in their hand while they there excuse for a lag time in response? Do you assume they are avoiding what you're asking if they don't respond? Is that going past the line? Isn't it ridiculous to be irritated at such a thought?

On the flipside, I saw a small child reach across the table at a restaurant on Sunday grabbing for his mom's iphone. He wasn't even old enough to talk. He already knew the capability of such a phone. The mom attempted for about 10 seconds to not let him have it, but she caved and within seconds that child was face first into that phone while the parents talked over their breakfast.
I immediately told Clint that we obviously have to start early (much earlier than I thought) to enforce the rule of no phones on the table, no texting and no emailing. Is that far-fetched? Is there such a thing as a family dinner without today's technology staring us in the face? Nothing drives me more batty than to see a teenager with his head in his phone texting during an entire dinner. Hell, drives me crazy to be with an adult doing the same thing. Have you seen Jerry Seinfeld talk about Blackberry etiquette? It's hilarious and so true. There needs to be a class on this in high school.

Does this make me a hypocrite? I want immediate responses, but I'm not willing to provide the same.

I read a friend's blog where she said her husband had to get a new iphone and so their 2-year old inherited the old one. She watches movies and plays games with her hand-me-down. Is this the norm these days? I guess there is no longer the car ride fighting with your siblings or playing games based on billboards? It's all about the head-rest DVD players, iphones and PSPs (or whatever they're called).

Is this a good thing that we've advanced so quickly or does this make us a society incapable to communicate verbally and socialize with each other in person? I'm a bit torn. I love the convenience, but sometimes I get sick of having a phone attached to my husband's hands or face ALL THE TIME. Panic sets in if a phone is forgotten around our house. Isn't that crazy!

So your comments! I'd love to know your thoughts.

Happy Hump Day. May you enjoy some "leisure" on this day, if you will, without the blinking lights, chimes, rings and dings of your chosen portable device.

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  1. Love this. And so true. Dan and I talked about this last night. It is all day, every day. I'm going to try and distance myself from technology more, but again, where would we be without it?????? Such a catch twenty-two... Maybe I will starting writing letters and mailing them?? Love your insight about kids. I had to talk to my parents on 12 hour car drives... Mason will get to also.......xoxo

  2. Exactly! Do you know how many 5 hour car trips I made to Victoria when there was no such thing as a portable DVD player, iphone or PSP? COUNTLESS. It went like this, cheetos, coke, james taylor playing and INTERACTING with the family. We're going to become a society of mutes. Text me from the front seat.

  3. Hey Linds,

    I totally agree. Kylie is in 4th grade and many of her friends already have cell phones (and have had for a while). It's ridiculous. Jeff and I are trying to keep the technology at bay as long as we can but I know we'll have to get her a phone at some point. We also don't allow anything at dinner - including us responding to texts, emails or calls if they come in. It's tough at times but we want Kylie to grow up talking to us and enjoying quiet family time without all the gadgets. I'm sure it will only get tougher for your daughter because each year it seems to be more prevalent. I think parents need to take a stand and not allow technology (to a certain extent- I know we're not Amish!) as long as possible! Great post!!