Friday, April 9, 2010


Picking a name for a baby is tough stuff. It is your NAME. The identifier for the rest of your life. Yikestown! I hope we can nail it.

Here's the deal, when your last name is Smith, Jones, Hayward or Parker you have it made in the shade. It's basic and you can do something a little trendy or different and not create an awful mouthful for a 1st grader.

I have Encinias. I love it and certainly wouldn't change it, but here are the issues. It starts with a vowel. So, it can sound a little cartoon-ish with something like Emma. Emma Encinias. Not sure. That happens to be a family name for me and I LOVE it, but just not diggin it. Next issue, it ends in a 's'. So, Thomas doesn't work because it's Thomas Encinias. Lots of 's' and hopefully my child won't have a lisp, but in case...nope, can't do it.

I had lunch with some dear friends yesterday from Dallas Fan Fares. It was so fun to see all those faces I used to be around every day. They were all so sweet and excited about the pregnancy, but naturally, the typical first question is, "So, when do you find out what you're having?" Then we go through the whole, "Well, we're not." Then the, "WHAT?" And on the story goes.

So when that convo subsides we move onto names. Everyone wants to know names. Seems that there is some confusion when I verbally say the here they are written. If you don't like them or hate some kid from 3rd grade with these names please don't tell me. I have been down that road with Clint and there is ALWAYS some kid he couldn't stand with a name I love. These work for us. Don't hold me to it, I reserve the right to change my mind up until 48 hours after birth.

Julia Aleen Encinias
This is my great-grandmother's name and my grandmother's name. I adore it. Don't rain on my parade. When Clint and I concluded on this he said he would call her Jules. My heart melted into a pile of butter.

Boy: As of now it's looking like
Beck Edward Encinias
Beck is my great-grandmother's maiden name and also my middle name. Edward is Clinton's father's name and also his middle name. I think there is something very neat about using the paternal grandfather's name for a boy. It makes them proud and so happy to hear. I know my father-in-law is so excited to see his son have a child. We'll see if this one's a boy and can carry on the names!

So readers...POST your comments, what's in a name for you? Family, trendy, classic? A name from your favorite book or movie? Every name has a story...what's yours?


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  1. Julia and I are going to cuddle all day long while mommy naps... Edward, I love....... But today, it's a girl... Jules... :)