Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Boob Tube

Y'all watch a lot of tv? When I traveled I didn't watch too much. By the time I got home I was behind and it was more of a hassle to try and keep up with the story lines than to just skip it. Clint would tivo Grey's Anatomy for me, but otherwise, I didn't stay intuned with much. The last couple of seasons I have been watching a lot of tv. Too much.

Sidenote, what in the world did we do before tivo/dvr? Watching tv with the commericals is brutal. Especially with 15 hours of American Idol on a week. Not to mention, we no longer base our evenings around what is on each night. Watching on demand is genius. Do you remember when you knew the exact line-up each night? Cosby's on Thursdays.

Let's chat.

Nurse Jackie. You watch it? I love this show. I have a very big crush on the Euro doctor. Anyone from across the pond steals my heart. I miss Sopranos too, so Edie Falco is a warm, welcomed face.

American Idol. Yeah, I'm watching, but this is probably my last season. I have a crush on Simon. When he goes, I go. Not to mention, the contestants just aren't cuttin it. Sad. It was a good show.

How about Sarah's House on HGTV? It's probably my favorite show right now. LOVE IT. Love her and her assistant, Tommy. I want a Tommy. Everyone should have a Tommy. I think it comes on Saturdays. Tivo it, forget about it and then find it as the sweetest little treat when you crawl into bed on Sunday nights. The farm house she's re-doing right now is divine!

Modern Family. This show is hilarious. Al Bundy has been resurrected as far as I'm concerned.
Brothers and Sisters. My brother makes endless fun of me (among a lot of other shows I watch) for watching this one. I love Sally Field. I guess it started with Steel Magnolias. I also find Rob Lowe to be HOT. This season it's just getting so cheesy it's sad. I still watch and yes, I did watch that awful movie they put on Sunday. Sad to see it go down. Calista Flockhart bugs, but I had even started to warm up to her.

Hello gorgeous!

This one is completely embarrassing. At least I'm admitting it. 90210. It's awful. Don't tune in. Take my word for it. Sometimes terrible, highschool tv is just good for some reason. No further explanation. That about wraps it up. I miss Sex and the City so much. All time favorite. I also miss Sopranos.

Can't wait for Dexter and Entourage to come back! Those are certainly staples.

What do you guys watch? Do I need to add anything to my line-up? Don't answer that, obviously I don't.

Happy Thursday...we're almost to the weekend!

And not to worry, tomorrow morning I will start my day with the Today Show.

I heart Matt Lauer.



  1. I'm a 90210 fan as well, don't be ashamed!
    In the spirt of high school shows, you are forgetting Glee and Gossip Girl (they are in college now, but you get the idea). And don't forget Parenthood!!

  2. You are speaking my love language with this post! I watch way too much TV but totally agree that DVR makes it much more socially acceptable now since you can watch on your own schedule. No longer do I have to stay home on Friday nights for TGIF with the Tanners and the Winslows. :)

    I second Meredith's thoughts on Glee - it's hilarious and has such fun music. I also love Mad Men and Friday Night Lights, both of which start back this spring/summer. I'm with you on Idol - I think this is the end of that era.

    Love the blog!!