Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Overwhelmed is how I feel when I get on ebay or Craig's List. I always hear people swear by these sites and get AH-mazing deals. I get sad. I want those deals. I want a house that doesn't look straight out of Pottery Barn or in my case, flipping Hobby Lobby and Kirklands. If that's what you're sportin, it's all good...I'm just TIRED of it. Tired of the dark Venetian bronze chotskis and dark wood picture frames. Ready for some light, bright and not so matchy-matchy. And on that note, why did Pottery Barn tell me it was cool to buy a red couch in 2005? I want to burn that thing to the ground. We'll get to that room re-do after I nail down this nursery.

Anyhow, a blogger out there is doing just about the coolest thing ever. You can hire My Favorite and My Best for $25 to do the Craig's List shopping for you! How cool is that? You throw her some ideas and she comes back with the most ridiculous finds you can imagine. Since I've been floundering on some of the elements in the nursery, you can bet I'm going to her for a few items.
Check out her post today. My mouth is still open.
Beware, she's crude, crass and uses profanity...but I think she's hilarious and a true one-of-a-kind!

On a totally different blog shopping note, have you been over to Jenny at Little Green Notebook? You better hurry....she's cleaning out her basement and selling some fab fabrics. I scored this gorgeous Imperial Trellis for the baby's bedding. I just know Baby E will love kelly green like I do! Wait to see how this all unfolds!

Happy Shopping!


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