Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday Dinner!

Moving onto the fun of birthdays...let's talk food!

My birthday is March 31. My anniversary is April 2. This year, Easter is April 4. Can you find the common denominator here? FOOD! Last night started mine and Clint's festivities weekend. This year is extra special because it concludes with Easter. For me that means a lovely brunch full of fabulous food and a dessert buffet to boot. For Clint it means lent is over and he can relax with a bourbon. Should be a good, good day!

Last night we checked out the new Neighborhood Services Tavern. It's sister, Neighborhood Services on Lovers is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. I think it's such a nice change from the stuffy steakhouse. Great, unique food, fun atmosphere and service that is exceptional.

We started off with a yummy fried asparagus. Served with a drizzle of lemon-dill sauce. Anything with lemon and dill is typically right up my alley. This was no different.

For the main I ordered the nightly pasta, which was house made fettuccine pasta served over a Pomodoro sauce and adorned with shrimp, Andouille sausage, olives, capers and tomatoes. Out of this world!

This guy had

the nightly sandwich special; Andouille Sausage with red peppers, caramelized onions and spicy mustard. It was served with frites that give Houston's a run for their money.

Dessert you might ask, shear delight. Butterscotch pot de creme. I love butterscotch. I choked on one of those disks as a young tot at my grandmother's house. One would think that would have scarred me for life. Nope. You got butterscotch, and I'm eating it.

Nope, not done talking about that either. It came in that precious little jar and served with wooden spoons. One blogger recalled they are like the spoons you used in elementary school for your ice cream cups. It was exactly that. This dessert was so rich and delightful and so fun to eat!

The bill came inside an old book and we were given Junior Mints as we departed.

I had to scope out the bathrooms because NS's bathrooms are cool. I figured these were close to the same. Yep, cool.

Don't you love when they provide mouthwash with cute little cups? I think that's nice.
Who doesn't love ice in the sink? And the outdoor fixtures?

If you live in Dallas put it on your list. If you're coming to visit put it on your list. If you don't live here and aren't visiting put Dallas on your list and get there. It's cool AND good. Hard to come by both.
**Sorry these pictures were taken without the flash making them hard to see the details. There was a food critic seated next to us, and I didn't want to look over the top. Trying to keep it sly.

This is just the beginning on the food festivities. I'll brief you on the rest after the weekend.
Cheers to a Happy Easter Weekend!

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