Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Saturday morning started early. Very early. It didn't help that Friday night ended with a whirlwind...I left my phone inside Target and Guinness tried to run away. After we resolved those two issues it was past 11 pm and time to hit the hay.

This little trip to Warrenton had been plotted and planned with my two cohorts, Heather and Jana, for quite some time. You see, we are blog/home decor/interior design wannabes. We study and review all the latest and greatest trends on countless blogs. Round Top/Warrenton is the place to spot lots of unique, cool, up-to-speed things for your home (albeit lots of trash too!). So 6:30 am Saturday came early, and we were off!

Jana and I spied some great vintage postcards turned into art. First purchase was made roughly 15 minutes into the day!

Now we were feeling good and on the move. Then Heather found her first patio purchase...score.

We moved "up the hill" towards Round Top and found some additional treasures. I found a fabulous French Hat Rack for the nursery...perfectly painted vibrant yellow. It's my favorite treasure of the day.

And after that find...who did we spy? My family!

Cousin Alison, Moi and Aunt Susan

We knew they'd be there and I had just talked to Alison, but pure luck we bumped right into them! They were on a hunt for a table to seal the deal on Mrs. Sumbera's room re-do. Catch the whole scoop here on Alison's blog, My Little Happy Place.

We moved on to see some more treasure....

And trash...

As the afternoon progresses you see a lot of year we'll bring another pregnant lady to drive us and partake. For this year...we headed to Austin to round-off the trip.

We checked into bachelorette party central, The Hilton. We cleaned ourselves up and headed to Moonshine for dinner. The roasted garlic, goat cheese and crustini appetizer along with horseradish crusted salmon and mac n' cheese left us feeling like this.

We loaded up 40 pounds of dessert to eat in bed and rolled out. It was a perfect end to a wonderful girls' shopping weekend. What a success!



  1. LOVE the hat rack, and the rustic stool as side table will be fab!

  2. You found some great treasures Linds! That stool/ table is incredible! Count me in for next year :)

  3. Fun, Fun and more Fun! Can't wait to do it again......great post!!!