Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break...a little late

Last week was Spring Break around here. It about drove me nuts. It wasn't Spring Break for me. It was the regular routine. However, everyone I tried to contact was "out of office on Spring Break". Or it was that no one was looking at our house because it was Spring Break. My spin instructor was gone on a trip because it was Spring Break. By the end of the week I was very angry at the term "Spring Break".

So moving on from that takes me to this week. This week Clint is out of town for work. Our house is falling apart. Mr. G is in depression and is patiently awaiting his dad's return at the window. It's pitiful. He hasn't eaten in two days. I haven't charged my cell phone, my smoothies are sub-par and I haven't watched a single tv show. No laughter and no fun has taken place on Matador. The heart-beat is gone.

Is Clint on his own Spring Break? No, thankfully, I'd have the red-ass if he was! He's in Memphis. He has some sort of "training". He is experiencing all the joys of business travel that I used to. No non-smoking rooms, only smoking. No king beds, just doubles. A loss of status on American and Group 6 to board. Suit and tie everyday, all day and meetings at 8 am. He was a real peach thinking about his strict scheduled week. Clint doesn't do tight schedules. He doesn't do sitting in one spot all day. He doesn't do lunch from 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm. He's a madman. He's all over the place.

To make his trip turn from gloom and doom to zippity do-dah, was his achievement award. Clint was awarded Chairmen's Club, which proves he has performed in the top 10% of his department within Regions. He was recognized as one of 30 winners of the 300 private bankers for Regions Morgan Keegan nationwide. He is going to die when he reads that I'm gushing about him, but he works darn hard and would never brag like this about himself. So I will take the liberty myself. He has a motto, "work smarter, not harder". I guess it paid off. Congratulations sweets!

So what in the world does this have to do with Spring Break? Not much, but to add insult to injury was a trip. Chairman's Club achievement typically gets a trip along with the rest of their accolades. AWESOME...maybe I do get Spring Break this year. A little Mexico on someone else's dime...don't mind if I do. Well, thanks to big bank execs that have abused trips, travel and leisure, the Regions trip is a no-go this year. They don't want to appear lavish after the government forced a bail-out on their behalf. I was oh so close. I could smell the beach. But who wants to go to Mexican sans col beer and margaritas? I'll keep tellin myself that.

So when you want something done, you do it yourself. I am seeking a late Spring Break. My Aunt Becky suggested the new JW Marriott outside of San Antonio. A beautiful resort in the hillcountry all suited up with a lazy river and a spa. Sounds pretty fabulous to this pregnant lady! I'm trying to swing this in May during the week before I make my way to Victoria to visit Baby Giese #2! I will take this sweet, little get-away over Spring Break. I think it's going to turn out juuust fine.

Did you take a fun vacation over Spring Break? Did you reflect on your Spring Breaks as a kiddo?



  1. Congrats to Clint - he IS a madman! We need to start talking baby shower dates, chica!

  2. So... I can get the keg and red cups for all the people that aren't pregnant ;)... congrats to Clint as well, and Spring Break doesn't have to be a trip just take a couple days to watch lifetime. Thats what my mom does go figure.