Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sex and Bedding

Not nearly as scandalous as that little teaser.
Sex of the baby and crib bedding, silly.
We're not finding out the gender of the baby, which to us, is very exciting. I think two people I have spoken to share the same feelings. Everyone else thinks its a little ridiculous and shocked that as much as Clint and I have planned we're not finding out. A little less than 6 months and the secret will be revealed. How fun will that be??

The hardest challenge to this point is the crib bedding. I'm not so much worried about the clothing as I'd prefer more neutrals than EVERYTHING being pink and tutus or blue with baseballs. It's just a personal preference.

As for the bedding, I have gone from one extreme to the next and ended up hating all the options in between. It's either too boy-ish, too girl-ish, too kiddie-like or not nursery looking enough.

This one was pretty cute, but started to look like a big circus after a while.
Too much in the red, yellow and orange department.

This one is super cute, but I think if Baby E is a boy this is way too girly.

This was almost a winner. I pulled it out for Heather one day and decided it wasn't near "nursery" looking enough. This is when the color pallet completely shifted and it's moved to lighter, brighter and vibrant!

After samples, samples and more samples (shown here isn't the half of it), I think we've {I've} decided on an entirely new route. It's pretty darn exciting, and I can't wait to see it come to life!

Stay tuned for the outcome!

Thank you to all friends, family and husband that have endured this debate. It typically causes a glazed over "I don't really care" look on most faces. I don't blame them. It's bedding. It's neurotic to get so wrapped up in it, I know. I just want to love this space and now, I think I will.

Most important thank you goes to Jana. She has dreamed, debated and given me opinions for hours. I'm sure most of the time she wishes I didn't live next door to pop over and "chat" nursery. Jan, thanks for the help and advice!



  1. Are ya kidding? I love to talk nursery fabric with you.....and then I pay you back with questions about pillows and fabric and paint and the list goes on. :) Looking forward to our outing this weekend!

  2. I kinda love that last grouping, but think I've moved to the opposite end of the spectrum as far as things "looking nursery." Since Avery's was all-out girly, I'm now into a "can this be a cool, not-so-childish space?" mode.

    Whatever you're brewing up will be fantastic, but yes, NO CIRCUS references puh-leeeze - Clowns are scary! ;)