Monday, March 29, 2010

What a weekend!

The weekend started a little early last Thursday with a 14 week doctor's appointment. It happened to be taking place just before Clint landed from his trip to Memphis. He was disappointed to miss it, but was a little settled knowing it wasn't a "big appointment". My fabulous friend, Heather, having just been through this begged to come along. I accepted because having someone listen to your child's beating heart is one of the coolest things.

Dr. Speight recommended some great food finds in Austin for our girls' trip this weekend. We also talked a little doctor gossip regarding Heather's doctor and finally....we heard little Baby E's beating heart. I am positive that is the sweetest sound to date. Everything is progressing normally, and I have the BIG sonogram April 20.

The festivities continued with a fun girls' dinner at R+D Cafe. What a fun, fun night with some great, great girlfriends! Thanks to Heather, Jana, Jennie, Jessica, Kristin and Meredith for a great night!

The weekend was filled with Warrenton, fabulous finds and a night in Austin....stay tuned for the treasures and stories from the trip!


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