Monday, March 22, 2010

Cheeses for the Meeces (Mice)

I come from a lineage of rats. I am the youngest child of the rat family. We eat cheese and lots of it. I mean, you name it and I love it. It started rather know, cheddar, Velveeta and maybe American. Well, this has expanded. Gorgonzola, of course. Goat, one of my favs. Strange kinds from foreign lands I have never heard of, most likely. We’ll save wine and cheese for another post entirely.

I had a conversation with my OB/GYN in November regarding great cheeses. She recommended the Guinness Cheddar from Central Market...yep, now on the list. This is how I truly knew she should be the lady to deliver my first born child. We talked cheese during my annual exam.

The deal is, when I see something that has a wonderful cheese in it, on top of it, baked with or a lovely cheese simply by itself it's highly likely I will want to try it.

Clint came home with this pizza the other day. Ya tried it? It's delicious. Goat cheese is quite wonderful and put it on top of pizza...delight. True delight. Go to Central Market and get this. And a couple of blocks of cheese while you're at it...and invite me over.

What food knocks off your socks?



  1. Love your blog! Love cheese! And Love you (&Baby) too!!!

  2. Loooooooove me some goat cheese!! Will totally have to try this!!!