Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Don't worry, my mom reminds me when I haven't posted in DAYS. Or in some cases, weeks. I'm terrible. Take me off your scroll bars, readers, etc. I'm learning to live like my husband, which is by the seat of my pants and when and if sh*t gets done, it gets done. If not, sorry about that.

So...that to say...I got the major whisk off to Mexico for my 30th birthday. In self preservation, I will say, I had a helluva party for Clint's 30th and there was not a soul there that didn't need a week off from life to recover. I sit pretty being the younger of this couple. I go big and he has to go bigger. I think I planned this juuuuust right.

It so happened that some of our besties (Jennie and Charles) were leaving for Mexico on my birthday and staying the weekend, so we (Clint-ton as Jen calls him) quickly jumped on board. See, we got married two days after my 24th birthday (gasp, I know, I was a baby). So, this was the first year it all fell the exact same. Weird I've been married that long, but go with me. It was the perfect time to take off. Leave the babes with Mimi and celebrate 30 wonderful years of life and 6 fabulous, not-a-single-argument-only porn-star-sex-years-of-marriage. Truth be told (as in the previous statement is a bit of a stretch), the mister has been around for a lot, and I couldn't be more appreciative of him making this weekend a special, special trip. Although, he did remind me that HE needed a break from this crazy, hectic life we got cookin too! BUT, he worked very hard and did a lot of juggling to make the plans come into play. So, a BIG, GRACIOUS, LOVE FILLED THANK YOU goes to the husband along with Mimi, Aunty Heather, Pops and Aunt Alli for taking extra special care of one little girl that likes her routine and her mom and dad. We can never re-pay you. Call me when you need to dump off your tykes. I'm a damn good caregiver. Just don't use the below pictures as my background check.

So, I'll quit talking and let you take a looksie into the fun we did, indeed, have.

Terminal D at DFW Aeropuerto - word. 10am wine, it must be my birthday AND vacation. Double whammy. We're on our way Mexico, are you ready?

This is the latest Grey Goose ad. I would like adopt it, and very fitting that it's an alcohol ad...I might add. I toast to EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of those. And those of you that fit the bill, you know who you are.

This is the island, fun, let it ride, "not my problem" Clint. And he's just gettin warmed up.

This is what happens on a short, 2-hour, 6 minute flight. Danger, danger.

And it's onto the sweet Navi ride to the resort. Welcome to paradise.

No, we have not been drinking. AT ALL. It was mommas-let-loose-day. Look out.

Two beauties of the world. Colbeer and buganvilla.

A room with a view.

30 makes me sleepy. Or day drinking. Whichever.

This is a perfect, afternoon wake-up call.

Pool. My perch for 4 days.

The mister getting a little pool-side ma-ssssage.

We had a massage in there. Pure. Delight.

There's not a lot better. Anywhere.

This is Pancho. The b*tch that took a big, fat bite out of Jennie's hand. BAD PANCHO.

Clint's an angry elf because they made him change from his shorts. Pretty sure we drove off a family next to us this night. Opps.

Hey sunburn. I love that Jennie looks like she has on a Chiang Mai print dress on and we're under a dragon. Very, very appropriate. And I can assure you....that was NOT planned.

Champagne. Jes.

Jes. Again.

These two hosers are attempting to get a glimpse at the nude resort. Too bad all we could see was naked men's bum.

Sunset cruise.

Toasty. Double time.

Something about Mexican beer in a pool with a bestie you've had since you were 5 is just so good. So good.

I just realized this is a different day. Different shades, a different suit and different drinks. And I look naked.

Anniversary dinner. Cheers to 6, great years! Are ya'll jealous that I only sunburn and if that's not bad enough, I only sunburn in a horrible pattern?? I didn't think so.

Thank you, sweets, for a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, much needed get-a-way. I hope we can always take the time to "date".

This was our BFF, Miguel. He was the best thing to ever happen. He wanted a picture with shorty (Clint-ton) and Mr. Tall (Carlito). I just wanted to put him in my pocket and bring him home.


Ahhhh. I missed that view on Tuesday morning.

Last time for our toes in the sand.

Bye, Bye Mexico. It was real. And we'll be back. For damn sure.



  1. Looks like a blast! It's been waaaay too long since we've been to the beach. You look so darling and put together in each pic - you need to teach me the fine art of Mommy Style!

  2. What a fun trip! And, I agree with your do look so put together in every picture!

  3. Looks like a great trip! The view....ahhhhhh, so nice. :)

  4. OMG. This made me giggle. Hard. I'm not even sure these pics would pass my background check to take care of my dogs. J/K. Happy late 30th. It only gets better!!