Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sometimes...it's just not fair.

While I was pregnant I really started blog stalking. I had dabbled before, but with the elimination of happy hours and such, it left me with time to truly study other's lives, design, families and all in between. One of my all time favorites is Bailey from Peppermint Bliss. She has impeccable, cool, eclectic style. She's also young and from Texas, which happen to be a big bonus. As I began to read her blog I just knew we could be besties. We've never spoken. We don't know each other but if we did, I know it would be a match. She and her darling husband, Pete, found out they are expecting a little girl later this summer. And more recently, have hit a road block with the health of their little precious. Read more here, but just pray for their little tot, Bailey and da (as we lovingly call Dad around here). My heart is heavy for them and specifically, the wonderful woman carrying this child, Bailey. She just wishes and prays for a healthy, happy love muffin. I know she will soon have that and they will be stronger and better parents because of this lesson in life.

I am thankful that Bailey has been vulnerable and opened herself up to the blogging world in sharing her story. I am certain it is helping other moms out there get from day to day. There was absolutely clarity for me today.

I am thankful for this doodle.

I also promised some girlfriends I'd share this Mom Prayer:

O Lord,
I need your help today.
I want to care for those you've sent into my life, to help them develop the special gifts you've given them. But I also want to free them to follow their own paths and to bring their loving wisdom to the world.
Help me to embrace them without clutching, to support them without suffocating, to correct them without crushing.
And help me to live joyfully and playfully, myself, so they can see your life in me and find their way to you. Amen.


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