Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time's a Flyin

Can you believe this sweet baby's 4 months old today? Still not sleeping worth a damn at night, but who could care with an angel face like this?

Happy Hump Day! Hope ya'll are sleeping more than us at your casa!



  1. Lindsey - she is SO beautiful! I mean I wouldn't normally suggest this, but maybe get that baby in a pageant.

  2. Oh know I'd make a TERRIBLE pageant mom! But, I think the hair and eyes could clinch a big trophy. Just sayin.

  3. She is beautiful!! I lurk around occasionally. You did such a great job giving birth and all, and especially on the living part!! I got my card and it was lovely. Thank you. And, I think I saw breastmilk in the fridge?? WTG!!!