Wednesday, January 19, 2011


More explanation on this later, but for is a little eye candy for ya. What's not to love? White cabinets, wood floor, lanterns, chandy.

There's been a little debate on whether or not one should paint kitchen cabinets. Some of the crowd gasps at the thought of painting perfectly good, wood cabinets. Like it's taboo or something. I've consulted the most skilled designer I know on this topic. Loved her response, and I think this finally nails it. "Yes, they are wood. Yes, wood is nice, but wood is NOT sacred. A white kitchen will always be classic." Amen.



  1. "best designer" - you maka-me blush! ;)

    Um, yeah, were we on the same page today or what? Same post title!

  2. Well, you are! You got skillz. And yeah, totally saw that today! Didn't mean to copy catz ya!